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Posted by dunitzsantrino on December 17th, 2014

There are numerous illustrations online about the history of these challenge coins. But the very interesting thing about these medallions is the Challenge coins game. This game has the great history as old as its origin whichstarted during the First World War. The motto of the game is to ensure that all the army soldiers have their earned coins in their custody at all times. Any army men can initiate the game with his group and he could well earnfree drinks if he succeeds in winning the game.

These days after the evolution of custom challenge coins the challenge coin games has become more general and enjoyed by everybody who hold such medallions

The rules of this Challenger game are very simple and easily understandable:

•The first rule is that the coin holder shouldknow the rules of the game which are described below.
•Any member in a troop having same kind of coin would initiate the challenge game by displaying his challenger coin and challenges for a coin check among his fellow members in the troop. He can place it in his own styleand ask other members to do the same. He has to mention in advance the type of challengei.e. if it is for a single drink or for a round of drinks.
•Each of his troop members have to now respond to the challenge checking andshow their coins to every other member.They have to be in the same place and can’t move to pick it up if they had kept in in any other place nearby. They have to show the coins from the place they are.
•If any of the challenged members in the troop fail to display his coin has to buy the drink as prescribed by the challenger without any argument.
•The crucial part is If all the challenged membersin the troop confirm with their coins in hand, the challenger himself who loose has to buy drinks to all the members in the troop.It required that the challenger has to be cautious as it may well turn out to be too costly for him if he fails. He may well prove to be making a joke of himself then.

There are special rules for such coins gained by service personal to abide. They are:

•Heshould not disrespect thesanctity of the coin. If he has lost his coin, he can get a duplicatefrom the issuing authorities but with suitable explanation. However he can’t getexemption from being challengedby his co-members in the group because of this.
•It is angreat honor to earn this kind of service coin especially if it is issued by the federal government. Hence it should not be casually given to anybody who are doesn’t know or respect its value. Especially the some old awarded coins which are difficult to earn again.
•Theseservice coins should not be skillfully damaged or intentionally further carved, which is termed as an offence.

Even though the custom coins issued by authorities other than the military system, does not have to abide by the above rules the coins are still a good collection and a great memory to have.

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