Butterfly Valves- Definition And Types

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You will spot a number of valves used in the industrial unit. Well, you might have seen a butterfly valve, the name of which is coined for its butterfly-like look. This kind of special valve is designed to either regulate flow or isolate flow of liquid. The closing mechanism in this valve is a kind of huge disk. Many industries prefer butterfly valves owing to their low-costs, light-weight and easy-to-use features. Besides, these kinds of valves allow for convenient shut offs.

Butterfly valves- Working mechanism explained

Take a close look at this valve wherein a disc is positioned right in the center where the pipe is. A rod passes through the disc, which is connected to an actuator that is fitted on the outer side of the valve. If scientifically explained, the butterfly valve functions almost similar to ball valves, but there is certain difference to it. Unlike ball valves, butterfly valves that have a disc present in the center in the middle of the flow enables to induce pressure drop in the flow of liquid, despite the actual position of the valve.

What you refer to as ‘butterfly’ in this valve is made out of a kind of metal disc that is mounted on a straight rod. Now, as the valve is closed it is made sure that the disc is turned so as to completely block the passageway. On the contrary, when the valve is kept fully open, then at that point the disc is actually rotated just a quarter turn that allows unrestricted passage of liquid or fluid. Also, you can throttle flow of fluid by opening the valve incrementally.

Now, you will get to witness different types of butterfly valves, which are particularly designed as per the different usages and pressures. We bring some highlights on the different types of butterfly valves so that you draw some idea.

Different types of valves

To explain from the general perspective, there is a resilient butterfly valve that enjoys flexibility of rubber as for which the valve enjoys very little pressure rating. Now, you will also find high performance valves that are capable of applying a little higher pressure system. This type of valve is fitted with a slight offset where the disc is positioned so as to augment the sealing ability of the valve. It is to inform you that the triple offset butterfly valve is highly suited for high-pressure systems.

Here, we bring to you a list of the names of different types of butterfly valves:

  • Concentric butterfly valves- Feature a resilient rubber seat that comes with a metal disc
  • Doubly-eccentric Butterfly valves- These are high-performance butterfly valves that use different kinds of materials for designing disc and seat
  • Triply- eccentric Butterfly valves- Feature laminated seats or solid metals used for designing the seat

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