What is Video Content Marketing? Why do brands need Video Marketing?

Posted by Prabodh Shiwakoti on February 8th, 2021

An important aspect of content marketing where marketers use videos to engage viewers and promote their brand simultaneously is Video Content Marketing or Video Marketing.

According to Skeleton- “Video content marketing rests on the principle of creating and distributing valuable & consistent video content to your target audience with the aim of attracting, engaging, and converting qualified leads."

In the word Video, V is Visual, I is Informative, D- Different, E- Entertaining, and O for Original. Video Marketing focuses on the production and online distribution of visual content that is informative, entertaining, and educational, but it should be original and different from your competitors’ content.

Why Choose Video Marketing as a content marketing strategy?

  •  Various brands and marketers are using video ads for increasing brand awareness. 

  •  Video marketing can tell your brand’s story via video and form a strong emotional connection and engagement levels.

  • Visual content will bring SEO Results and better ROI. 

  • Digital marketers have strong trust in video content marketing as videos have helped them increase traffic to their website.

  •  Brands can get new customers by using video content on social media. 

  • Sources reveal that 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

How are Marketers using Video in digital marketing?

At present, marketers spend good bucks on video ads. In 2021, 71% of B2B marketers are using video marketing, whereas 63% is found in B2C businesses (OptinMonster). In fact, both types of businesses are using the best strategy to incorporate video content in their digital marketing. 

Brands use live videos and snack videos for social media marketing. Marketers also plan to use virtual reality, webinars, and interactive video. Some digital marketers have started using TikTok to share digital marketing knowledge, their services or even suggesting audiences take their master-class. This is a win-win situation for the creators (in Tiktok) and Marketers (in other platforms ).

Marketing with Videos ads 

Video ads can also have descriptions of individual products. These ads can be Native Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Social Media Video Ads, Influencer Video Ads, and User Generated Content(Video). Distributing ad videos on social media networks depend on your target customers, on which platform these target customers found, and when they can be actively engaged with ads. 

Facts and Figures about Video Marketing in 2020/21

Listed are the vital stats and figures, from Sources, about Video Content Marketing :

· In 2020, 92% of marketers view video as an important part of their marketing strategy.

· 95% of video marketers believe that video has helped in increasing brand awareness.

· 58% of consumers visit a brand’s social media pages before visiting their website.

· 61% of marketers plan to increase their video spending in 2021.

· Live Internet video will account for 17% of Internet video traffic by 2022.

Challenges in Video Content Marketing

  • Lack of appropriate video marketing strategy

When you don’t define your video strategy for your brand as a whole or for a particular marketing campaign, you will have no roadmap for actions; the failure appears close. Marketers must do proper homework on making strategies and incorporating goals with them.

  • Lack of good and appealing content

Content must be entertaining as well as informative. The small details and psychological aspects of a video are major concerns regarding content creation, execution, and production.

  •  No diversification in formats in various platforms

Different digital platforms have a different working mechanism. If a similar kind of format is used in video production and distributed on all digital platforms, it may not give good results. Thus, diversification is needed.

  • Finding the right tools to make a video

Video making and video editing tools may be an issue for new marketers. Thus finding the right tools along with the types of equipment for video production, remains another challenge in video marketing.

  • Lack of metrics to check the progress

Lack of standardized reporting in various platforms makes online video metrics challenging. Moreover, lack of metrics results in less information about the effectiveness of your idea. Metrics like: View count, Play rate, Watch rate, Clickthrough rate, and Conversion rate must be focused.

 Strategies for Effective Video Marketing.

· Find out the objective of your video and keep a realistic budget for video production. Visualize your video and how it would convey the message. After that, you can prepare a script for your video.

· In the case of vlogs, always stay unscripted as it gives a real and genuine feel to the audience. Behind the Scenes does not need any script as it is always expected to be spontaneous and funny. 

· Find the quality equipment: cameras, mic, lights, etc. for the shoot. You have to invest in these to give a good start and continuity to your online(Video) journey.

· Set up your studio with good light and an echo-proof room.

· Rehearse the script. Shoot yourself or the actors. This is really your or your actor’s time to shine. So stay motivated and do your best in the video.

· Edit your video using video editing tools. Ensure to put copyright-free music, texts or emojis, or memes content in between for entertainment purposes. You can take the help of a video editor if you are not confident in editing.

· Record your or actors’ voice over and use it when necessary.

· Post your video with an interesting title and caption on desired social media or digital platform using hashtags popular in your niche industry along with your unique hashtags.

· You can also run Live Video to express your brand values, voice, describe your product or run a Q&A session after encouraging audiences to type questions in the comments section. 

 Pro Tips for better Video Content Marketing

  • You can create videos about your product using 360° & Virtual Reality. You can also incorporate the brand's message in the video.

  • Videos of Events, Expert Interviews, Tutorials can also be incorporated into your content.

  • You must not compromise on the quality of the video. 

  • The right video format, actors, content/script, camera quality, and many other aspects should be considered for a video’s success. 


Earlier, ad campaigns of brands were done on Television. Lots of capital necessary for featuring on Televisions made small businesses stay strong traditionally. Now, these small businesses can create videos about their product by using digital marketing. They can invest less and earn more. Various reports and sources also indicate that brands are working on video content marketing. Videos have brought greater ROIs and loyal customers to various companies. If you have a small business or if you are a rising influencer, you can easily use plenty of free video editing tools and continue with video marketing.

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