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Posted by sjautomotive on December 18th, 2014

High end automobiles have completely changed the way of travelling for the world. The newly designed cars encapsulate not only the best engineering but they are also optimized to offer the best performance while minimizing the fuel consumption. The automobiles of the new generation are also remarkable for their excellent maneuverability and control. However, with the increasing number of high performance automobiles on the road, the numbers of road accidents are also increasing at an alarming speed. Statistics shows that the number of road accidents has increased many folds only in the last few years. So, in order to ensure a safe driving it is really necessary to confirm that the safety parts of the vehicle are of the best quality and they are in the best working condition. Compromising with the quality of the safety parts can be just like compromising with a chance of accident.

The importance of high quality brake and safety parts

Before you drive out with a car, it is most important that the vehicle has all its safety measures at the right place. For the automobile manufacturers as well it is very important to use only the best quality brake parts in the vehicle, because the brake plays a pretty crucial role in offering road safety. In order to ensure that your vehicle has reliable brake parts, depending on manufacturers with a stable reputation in the market is always suggested. Depending on renowned brands can ensure not only the best quality of the product but also the most effective design that can facilitate proper safety and better control on the vehicle. When it comes to the automotive engineering, the name of the brand SJAUTOMOTIVE comes at the front row. This Korea based manufacturer not only produces high quality safety and brake parts, but they also specialize in manufacturing vehicles as per different specifications.

Product range of the company

The company has an extended product range which includes all the brake parts, electrical parts, clutch parts, aircon parts, engine parts, body parts, suspension parts and many more. The brake parts produced by the brand have a worldwide reputation due to their best quality and innovative engineering. The company has established itself as a leading brake pad manufacturer in korea. Brake pads play a very crucial role in the overall control of the vehicle and also in safety. The brake pads are provided with steel backing plates with a friction material fixed at the surface which faces the rotor. Brake pads are used in disc brakes and it converts the kinetic energy of the car to thermal energy by the way of friction to control the speed of the vehicle.

SJ Specialty

SJAUTOMOTIVE is also a leading parking brake cables manufacturer in korea. Parking brake cables are really tiny looking cables, but they serve a crucial function to ensure the safety of your vehicle. The brand produces reliable parking brake cables that can give you full assurance of the best service. The company ensures the use of only the best quality materials for making of these parts, and they maintain strict quality control at every step of the production process to ensure the highest quality. The company is also a renowned brake drums manufacturer in korea.

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