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Posted by alisonreid29 on December 19th, 2014

Companies across the world are trying to save on office space by allowing their employees to work from home or outside the office. While this is an excellent initiative, the managers of such employees are often aggrieved because they cannot keep track of what their employees are doing. Thanks to remote employee management, this is now possible. All a manager needs to do is use the remote employee monitoring software and they can perfectly monitor every working moment of their employees.

The remote employee monitoring software is a unique tool that can track employees remotely. It is a small software application that is installed in the system of a manager and their employees. A great thing about this application is that it doesn’t let any employee feel that someone is sleuthing on them. There are no distressed employees simply because their manager is monitoring their activity. When this software is installed, everyone is aware of it because they have to install it in their systems. Even the worst kind of manager would need to inform their employees that they are using this application.

The remote employee monitoring software can monitor everything that an employee does. For instance, it can track the websites an employee visits during the work hours; or it can log the keystrokes that an employee makes on their keyboard; or it can send screenshots of an employee’s system and sent it to the manager. The application works seamlessly so that managers can engage in remote employee management.

Now let us see why this remote employee management tool is useful for both the manager and their employees.

When a manager discusses the performance of their employees, they cannot rely on perceptions and hearsay. The remote employee monitoring software provides hardcore data that can be completely relied upon during performance discussions. Hence, no one has any grudge after the discussion is over.

Managers are able to use the data to find out the more productive employees. When the time comes for rewarding employees, the data clearly shows everyone why a particular employee was rewarded and not the others.

Those managers who are paranoid about the work being done by their employees can now breathe easier thanks to this remote employee management tool. No has any suspicion about anyone else and this is bound to foster a healthier work environment.

Because the employees know that they are being monitored remotely, they refrain from passing time at work. This easily means more productivity. The manager doesn’t need to ask each and every employee about their activities throughout the day because they already have the information with them.

The remote employee management tool is a one of its kind application. If your organization encourages the employees to work from outside office, this is a must have application for you. If you want to know more about this remote employee monitoring software, why not try out the trial version for 30 days? You can rest assured that you will see value in using this application.

Remote employee management need not be based on perception any more. With the remote employee monitoring software, you can find out exactly what your employees are up to.

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