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In the history of it books, the most luxurious team of translators and the absolute most powerful expert comments are from Microsoft headquarters. Microsoft's way of software testing by Alan page Ken Johnston BJ rollison Press: China machine press price: 55. 00 yuan content of the book: this book starts with making readers familiar with Microsoft products, Microsoft engineers, Microsoft testers, the role of testing and the common practice of software engineering. The second the main book discusses many testing techniques and tools widely used in Microsoft. The third the main book explores a few of the tools and systems we now have found in our work. The last area of the book explores the future direction of testing and quality at Microsoft and how we plan to create the near future. This book has clear structure and detail by detail content, which may be used as a reference book for the majority of computer software testers. Actually , the "defects" of software are inevitable, which could only be minimized by the cooperation of code writers and testers. The current computer software engineering management method is to develop and test at exactly the same time to reduce the "defects" over time. This book is a good book with strong practicability and rich working experience, which is of great significance to your computer software enterprises and computer software engineersGuiding significance. -- Hu Kunshan, Secretary General of China Pc software Industry Association to carry out a great job in testing, it is very necessary for computer software engineers to honestly study the theory and way of testing, but they should also accumulate experience in pc software testing. By scanning this book, we could learn the best methods of well-known and excellent pc software enterprises. -- Zheng Renjie, executive vice president of China pc software industry association system and software process improvement branch (cspin), professor of Tsinghua University this book is a best practice book on software testing that I've been trying to find. I am ready to recommend this book to my students as a highly effective supplement to computer software testing practice. -- Zhou Zhenyi, expert group leader of ISTQB China branch of international pc software testing and certification board and computer software testing trainer of ISTQB this book brings a brand new wind of practice to the industry. The book describes some stories about how precisely this world-famous pc software enterprise relentlessly struggles with those cunning defects to be able to ensure fast and reliable delivery through full and accurate cases. In addition , a detailed introduction to the basic axioms of just how to produce world-class computer software through quality assurance is yet another highlight of the book. At precisely the same time, it's surprising that it may be seen every where The book's strong team of authors share their valuable experience in Microsoft's guidelines, It is also a work that should accumulate working experience. The publication of this book is likely to make an important contribution for all of us to master from Microsoft's advanced level testing experience, train Chinese pc software testing talents, and promote the development of China's testing service industry. - Yang Genxing, chief knowledge officer of Shanghai computer programs technology development center, executive vice president of China pc software testing organization alliance, has received more and more attention and research in software testing technology and its crucial role in pc software development. Microsoft is without a doubt the leader of computer software testing technology. This book will enlighten those who work in this industry and so are going to join this industry, and reveal the real meaning of software testing. - Liu Tianwen, chairman and CEO of Softcom Power I . t Co., Ltd. as a manager of an outsourcing enterprise with a huge selection of test engineer teams, I saw a lot of problems withstood in the act of testing Microsoft products and different solutions designed by engineers. This book introduces to us the concepts, techniques, technologies, tools and processes of Microsoft software testing, which not only enables test engineers to understand testing technology systematically, but also enables our management team to build up ideas and prevent detours. I strongly recommend that colleagues in several enterprises spend some time scanning this book, so as to get twice the result with half the effort. - Wu Jian, executive vice president and chief globalization officer of Wensi Innovation Pc software Technology Co., Ltd. modern pc software testing has far exceeded the scope of "finding defects" and "verifying functions" with regards to techniques, technologies and tools. The software test has been completedIt is becoming a vital part of computer software development and software engineering management. Microsoft's practice in this field is epoch-making. It brings the scale of pc software and the complexity of engineering to an unprecedented height. The problem of solving the issues and the fee are unparalleled. Consequently , for quite some time, the style, method, technology, tool, procedure for Microsoft computer software testing, and its cooperation with other roles have already been the guts of industry research, discussion and reference. This book is the very first time that Microsoft's authoritative personage systematically reveals this mystery from inside. This book should be an essential classic for Chinese colleagues. - Wang Zhifeng, President of iconnect Inc. among the authors of the book is my former colleague BJ rollison, who is perhaps one of the most qualified testing experts in Microsoft. Among the translators is my close friend Zhang Xuan, who has been committed to bringing Microsoft's high level corporate culture and product concept to Chinese enterprises and people. Because of their dedication and dedication, this book reveals to you how Microsoft, the mysterious pc software Kingdom, conducts software testing. This book will turn into a reference book for domestic computer software testers, and it surely will also completely change the prejudice against pc software testing in China, in order that we could grasp that pc software testing is certainly not really a simple and low-level thing, but a very complex thing that requires highly comprehensive quality personnel to accomplish well, that'll also help more graduates choose to participate in computer software testing, In order to improve the dilemma of not enough talents in computer software testing industry, especially in pc software testing industryHigh end talents. - Wang Jianbing, vice president of Haihui software (International) Group Co., Ltd. that is a classic test I've seen! It is concise and comprehensive, coupled with practice, basically, to ensure that readers can very quickly understand the application testing process and core technology. - Zhou Xiaodong, chairman of Shanghai Yuetong Software Co., Ltd. I have worked in Tianjin Software Testing Center for seven years, and also have been trying to find different pc software testing techniques, testing tools, testing process and management. For that reason we always absorb the book of pc software testing, to be able to utilize it to guide the development of our testing business. At exactly the same time, in addition, it has guiding significance for computer software development enterprises to manage pc software quality. This book is a assortment of Microsoft's excessively rich practical experience in pc software testing. From the mix of theory and practice, it provides the software testing industry a model to trust and learn from. This will effectively promote the development of software testing technology in China, in order to ensure the grade of computer software product development and shorten the full time of computer software development. Thanks for sharing your experience in computer software testing with us. Thank you for your contribution to the field of pc software testing. -- Zhou Wenhe, director of Tianjin pc software evaluation center, China Microsoft features a great product, which will be inseparable from a solid test team and excellent test technology. This book will show you how Microsoft develops testing and its particular best practice in testing, that will be the pride of the program testing field. I would recommend more test managers and test backbones The clerk browse the book. -- Liu Fuqiang, chief operating officer of msup Co., LtdFor most domestic computer software companies, there is no lack of high-level technical personnel, but they are faced with great challenges in how to execute a good job in pc software testing and just how to ensure product quality. Whether they can break through this challenge is among the conditions for the sustainable development of the application industry. It really is gratifying that lately, more and more attention has been paid to software testing. However , there are relatively few books on practical technology of computer software testing in China. This book introduces the practice of Microsoft software testing basically, including related testing technology and management methods. This is exactly what we software quality personnel need. In my opinion every reader can study from this book. Liu Junhong, manager of R & D Management Department of Inspur Group Shandong General Computer software Co., Ltd. there is absolutely no doubt about the energy of it in the profound changes of globalization. Microsoft has promoted the method of globalization with the energy of computer software, and the innovation of computer software testing concept and practice has taken more "intelligent" and near "perfect" computer software services and products. This book presents the method and practice of "wisdom and perfection". -- Zhang Yaqin, senior vice president of Microsoft, is an indispensable and essential the main professional pc software development process. As a Microsoft employee with ten years of software testing experience, I am happy to recommend this book to domestic software developers and enthusiasts. It analyzes Microsoft's pc software testing system, also to some extent reveals a "secret" of Microsoft's success, that's, attaching great importance to computer software testing and benefiting from itThis platform provides high cost performance and high availability application pc software and development platform for users and professionals all over the world. I sincerely hope and appearance forward to the book with Microsoft's "practical experience" as the highlight to become must read classic book for Chinese computer software industry managers and practitioners. - Xie Enwei, general manager of development tools and platforms division of Microsoft Greater China unlike most books on computer software testing theory, one of the biggest options that come with this book is its practicability. All of the techniques, processes, technologies and tools are established or implemented on the basis of the actual development needs. They truly are put on the development of Microsoft products and have been tested many times. In the elaboration, the author also used a whole lot of space to tell, emphasizing how to use these knowledge in practice. It depends a whole lot on their back ground and experience. The authors of the book are all senior experts specialized in software testing technology promotion and testing personnel trained in Microsoft after years of pc software product testing experience. Many Microsoft engineers learn and understand computer software testing through their training. The publication of the book provides more folks with such an opportunity. Yang Yongsheng, testing director of Microsoft global product development department this book describes in more detail the organizational structure, techniques, tools and techniques of computer software testing commonly used by various product departments of Microsoft. This book summarizes Microsoft's decades of experience in computer software testing, and certainly will provide valuable reference for domestic computer software development and testing management as well as personnel training direction, which is worth reading. Mr. Huang, chief test manager of Microsoft China protocolZhen Ming this book is the most comprehensive interpretation of Microsoft's computer software testing process, method, concept and culture since I worked in Microsoft for days gone by 13 years. Reading it brings me a feeling of nostalgia, but also inspired new feelings and inspiration. I really believe that Microsoft's experience may also bring advantages to readers in schools and industry. -- tension, chief test manager of SQL Server in Microsoft headquarters spoto microsoft azure exams

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