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Posted by Velling Kessler on February 8th, 2021

as many netizens have questions about Microsoft Security Essentials, a free security product released by Microsoft, I released my personal views on Microsoft Security Essentials in advance, plus the answers with a questions. 1 ) Microsoft Security Essentials technology is backward? Spokesmen of several major foreign security computer software businesses have commented on Microsoft Security Essentials, a free of charge security product of Microsoft. Interestingly, a number of the comments made by Symantec spokesmen act like Mr. Zhou's: the technology of Microsoft Security Essentials is backward. Actually , the technology of Microsoft Security Essentials is founded on Microsoft Enterprise Security Product forefront security, not Windows Live OneCare. Nevertheless , compared with 360's world leading high-end "cloud security" technology, the technology of Microsoft Security Essentials really lags behind, not involving a cloud (it has been officially confirmed). 2. MicrosoftSecurity Essentials and genuine verification as for Mr. Zhou's viewpoint, Microsoft Security Essentials is free with additional conditions, which is a way to promote genuine windows and solve the problem of piracy. Actually Microsoft has only launched Microsoft Security Essentials for genuine Windows users, without favoring or conniving pirated Windows users. 3. Exactly why is Microsoft Security Essentials Free? There are three good reasons for the free launch of Microsoft Security Essentials: Microsoft Security Essentials can help improve forefront services and products, which needs a huge installation base. Free is undoubtedly one of the strategies to maximize the installation base. Microsoft ought effective security pc software to mitigate the negative impact of "poor security of windows", particularly for PCs without antivirus pc software. Undoubtedly, free security solutions can maximize efficiency. Microsoft has launched the forefront client security charging security services and products for enterprise users, including Microsoft Security esseNTIALS lacks the functions of centralized / comprehensive management and safety report. Furthermore, the prior paid security computer software Windows Live OneCare has made Microsoft rethink its positioning as a consumer oriented security product. 4. What's the anti-virus effectation of Microsoft Security Essentials? AV, an unbiased security pc software testing organization in Germany- Test. org Based on the data cited by PCWorld: 3700 samples of viruses, Trojans and worms, 100% of them were checked and killed (3700) 545344 types of malware, 98. 4% of these were checked and killed (536535) 14, There are 222 adware and spyware, 90. 9% which are checked and killed (12935) just look at the reports of other non independent security pc software evaluation companies, like the latest report released by Symantec. five. Where is the Chinese version of Microsoft Security Essentials? Even though Microsoft has released the state version of Microsoft Security Essentials, the Chinese version of its website is still displayed whilst the beta version, and the download link of the Chinese version on the English version of its website has been deleted. It is stated that the Chinese language is formalVersion will be released following the national day, but there clearly was still ways to install the simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese official version of Microsoft Security Essentials: download the simplified Chinese version of Microsoft Security Essentials beta, and then upgrade to the simplified Chinese official version directly download and install the standard Chinese official version of Microsoft Security Essentials: Or windows 7 32 Windows Vista / win7 32-bit, Windows Vista / win7 64 bit conclusion MSN China and Kaspersky, that has always been considerate, have provided Kaspersky Anti-Virus pc software 2010 for the majority of Chinese netizens totally free for half a year, and MSN China and Jinshan have launched the smart messenger protection shield 2. 0. In addition , 360 officially launched the official version of 360 antivirus 1 ) 0 without "attachment conditions". The almost perfect introduction may be transferred to Moonlight blog. immediate access: Microsoft official mall in China - purchase surface, Xbox and accessories promotion Summer dresses

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