Keratoconus Contact Lenses ? The Best Way To Achieve Vision Correction

Posted by markhindsoptometrists on December 19th, 2014

Keratoconus is a disease of the eye and for people with Keratoconus contact lenses are time and again the best way to achieve vision correction. For a person suffering from keratoconus the cornea, which is the front part of the eye, thins and becomes misshapen leading to the front of the eye developing an irregular 'cone' shape. Due to the bulging or cone shaped structure there are certain effect results in distortion of the light entering the eye further causing blurring and ghosting of images. It is possible that professionals recommend spectacles for mild cases of keratoconus however it is a fact that spectacles may produce some correction for early, or very mild, cases of Keratoconus, but once the condition progresses beyond a certain point it is not possible to acquire any positive results and get reasonable correction with spectacles.

For patients suffering from keratoconus contact lenses are found as the next form of correction yet there are many different types of contact lenses that are used and there are certain types approved as more effective than others.

In order to correct the condition the ophthalmologist or optometrists evaluates the requirement and prescribe a lens that offers the best combination of visual acuity, comfort and corneal health. Hybrid contact lenses are one type of lens prescribed for keratoconus. Hybrid lenses are composed of a gas permeable center for improved optics and a soft lens skirt for maximum comfort.

RGP Contact Lenses are "rigid gas permeable" and they are not as supple as soft contact lenses. People and optometrists prefer soft lenses as compared to RGP. Synergeyes contact lenses are specialty lens design that has both a hard material and soft material combined.

Keratoconus is often corrected by an alternative method called corneal cross linking. Keratoconus is a disease of the cornea and the surface of the eye thins and distorts outwards into an irregular conical shape. The resultant visual distortion is often corrected by contact lenses, or t times it leads to corneal transplant. Corneal Collagen Cross Linking is one of the best alternative methods of treatment which is proved as effective and successful in treating the condition in some cases. When used in the early stages of the disease, before the cornea is too distorted, it can help to prevent progression of the condition. However in advanced cases where the cornea is already too pronounced it becomes difficult to halt the progress and it is not effective to restore the vision.

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