First aid kit for your knocked-out teeth

Posted by michelle Davis on February 8th, 2021

Knocked-out teeth have turned out to be a common scenario in kids and adults. It is a medical condition in which one or multiple teeth fell out of their sockets due to an impact which is caused by an injury or an accident. 

You need to know that knocked-out teeth require immediate and quick treatment. If the action is taken within 30 minutes then there are chances to save the tooth easily. 

In this article, you will learn how to first aid kit for your knocked-out teeth.

Without touching the root, pick up the knocked-out tooth carefully 

Do not leave the tooth at the scene of the accident, try to locate it quickly and pick it along with its crown. Don’t touch the root because there are high chances that cells at the root die if you touch them. 

Using the clean water gently wash the tooth

You need to know that knocked-out teeth should be washed with clean water. Do not use any kind of chemicals or soapy water. Once the knocked-out tooth is washed, wrap it up with the help of a clean cloth or tissue. 

Immediately, put the tooth back in its socket

Try pushing the tooth back inside into its socket with gentle hands immediately. You need to moderately push the crown with your fingers or put the tooth in its socket and then gradually close the mouth. 

All the time, keep your tooth moist

You need not worry if you can’t put the tooth back into your socket. You can simply put the tooth in milk or inside your mouth next to your cheek or in an emergency tooth preservation kit. 

Keep one thing in your mind that regular water should not be used to preserve the knock-out teeth because the root cells don’t have the ability to bear the tap water for a long time. 

Within 30 minutes, see a dentist

Take your tooth along with yourself to your doctor. It is always better to visit the dental clinic and meet the dentist within 30 minutes of your knocked-out teeth.

Although, the knocked-out teeth can be saved even if it is outside the mouth for an hour but for a safer side visit within 30 minutes. 

Tips to manage the knocked-out teeth 

In case, during the knocked-out teeth if you are suffering from bleeding or serious pain and swelling then you can take a few steps to deal with it. Below-stated are some tips:

  • You can apply a cold compress if there is inflammation or pain

  • You can also take ibuprofen if there is pain and no inflammation

  • In case, you are bleeding then control it by applying a cloth or gauze that is germ-free. 

However, if your child is facing a knocked-out tooth then instead of doing a cool compress for pain as well as swelling, you can give them a frozen pop to keep in that area so that it is cool.

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