Canada start-up Visa Program 2021

Posted by madhu xp on February 8th, 2021

Tech start-ups are increasing by the day across the globe. Few countries are way ahead. 2021will be the year for start-ups with many skilled professionals eyeing towards the same. Every field is adapting technology. Enterprises are eyeing better efficiency both operational and managerial side by using technology as their forte. Although many companies are cropping up remotely, there are many others which require their presence in the concerned country. Canada invites entrepreneurs with exceptional ideas into the country through their Canada Start-up Visa Program. Such entrepreneurs will actively contribute to the economy of Canada while also increasing job opportunities for the locals in the country.

Since 1945, 2020 was the hardest for Canada in terms of economic growth. The government of Canada has come up with a quick plan to recover the economic crisis in the country. They have put in place a lot of financial aid programs and are working towards increasing the consumerism in different fields thus leading to economic growth in the country. They have already forecasted an increase of 4.5% of GDP growth and making that as the goal, Canada is gearing up for 2021. With these plans in place, any entrepreneur with a solid business plan with Canada as their back drop, can take advantage of Canada start-up visa. This Canada Investor Program requires that the investor has gets a strong backing from entrepreneurs in the country.

Canada has seen a good number of start-ups and each of them has received required amount of support from assigned designated organizations. Canada is also equipped with required infrastructure to help the start-ups as would be needed. This program started as 3-year pilot project and it got its permanent status in the year 2018. In the year 2018 alone, there were 250 entrepreneurs who took this opportunity and in the subsequent year over 500 entrepreneurs entered Canada through this program.  This Canada investment immigration program will fetch the investor permanent residency in the country leading to citizenship thereafter.

The program requires the entrepreneurs to have a viable and scalable business idea. Such innovative entrepreneurs will need to earn support from designated organizations in Canada. The entrepreneur should have had past experience of running a business or should have been part of top management group of an organization. As said earlier, they should obtain a letter of support from designated organizations. If the start-up requires investment of CAD ,000 and belowthen they will need to approachDesignated Angel Investor groups.If the start-up requires investment of CAD 0,000 then they will be approaching Designated Venture Capitalists. For those who do not need investment but would require guidance about the ways of business in Canada, they will need to approach designated business incubators. One could migrate to Canada from India with this visa program. The entrepreneur will also have to take up the mandatory language test to prove their language ability. They will need to have a minimum of 50% voting rights in the start-up and they will be actively involved in the day to day running of the business. The entrepreneur will also have to prove their economic stand-off to support self while in Canada. The entrepreneurs can bring their families on this visa program.

More than anything, it would require the entrepreneur to take guidance and help from international immigration investorexperts who understand the nuances of international investment and the business there of. There could be many immigration firms claiming their competitiveness in helping investors or entrepreneurs in their bid to achieve their goals. However, to migrate to Canada from India, one needs to approach an immigration firm which is registered with the ICCRC, Canada. Such top immigration consultants are the ones that could help the entrepreneur successfully realize their dreams in the new land.


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