Features and applications of remote employee management for managing teleworkers

Posted by alisonreid29 on December 19th, 2014

Working from home or freelancing has become a better alternative as against full-time, office-based jobs due to the flexibility of working hours and benefits to both employers and employees. As such, the requirement to monitor the activities and working hours of employees has become paramount for supervisors as they need to keep a tab on their employees’ activity so that the resources are utilized to the optimum extent possible. Hence the need for remote employee management software which can be easily installed and put to use for managing teleworkers and freelancers in a way which is as good as real time monitoring. This will not only save resources but also help the employers in utilising it better.

Remote employee management software – Applications

Also known as the Remote Boss, this software can be put to use for a number of purposes such as for company managers who want to start in working from home and flexi hours modules. This software can also be useful for those who are getting paid at an hourly rate as well as for managing teleworkers and freelancers. You can track working hours, register screenshots, monitor activity (online and offline) as well as make use of advanced reporting options.

How to install and use remote employee management software

The first step is for the employers to download and install Remote Boss in their system. The second step is to configure the system of the workers in the software. For this you need to add the workers and adjust their activity settings. After this is done an automatic e-mail will be sent to them with respect to the configuration. The third step is for the workers to install the agent which will be linked to the main software. With this the installation process ends. As soon as your employees log in and start working their activities will be monitored and you can keep a track on their progress. In this way, managing teleworkers or freelancers becomes easy even when you and your employees are not located in the same place.

Features of remote employee management

If your company pays the workers at an hourly rate or if you are looking for a way of managing teleworkers, then remote employee management can be the solution to your problems as it registers the work hours of the employees. You can also set a time for the software to capture a screenshot of the employee’s system screen to monitor their activities. You can also monitor the active applications on the worker’s computer to see if they are utilising the company’s resources appropriately. Along with this, you can also supervise the websites that you have visited, logging keystrokes to measure the amount of text input as a way to test their productivity, approval or disapproval of any website or application in use, use the advanced monitoring system, real time monitoring of the workers, customizable monitoring features as well as registering all work done while staying offline.

With the help of the above mentioned information you can install and put into use remote employee management software as a way of managing teleworkers.

The remote employee management is extremely useful for managing teleworkers and freelancers.

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