Is She Interested In Me: How To Decode Her Body Language

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 27th, 2010

Women are generally known to be very talkative. Give them a chance to start talking and they will definitely shoot the breeze, unloading several months? worth of hormonal challenges unto your simple yes-or-no questions.

Hence, you would tend to think that with their knack in lip fluttering, they would find the other mediums of communication completely useless.

However, man?s fine female friends are a ?bilingual? to a certain extent, and she is as articulate in body language as she is in the words on paper.

Therefore, when it comes to feelings and relationships, women would use other forms to convey their message. They would use such tools to convey their message without going into trouble. They would literally try to do it on their own little way.

According to some experts, the only problem is that even if women have their own set of language, it is still hard for the amateurs to decode the body language. In fact, body languages are only seen clearly in about 1 out of 1,000 contacts with men.

Hence, the only way to succeed in analyzing if the woman really likes you is to decode the body language that they may have been projecting but were taken for granted because you do not understand its meaning.

So to make certain you do not make a hash of translation, here is a list of definitions that would identify the most common moves that would literally tell you that she is interested in you an dhow to react on the actions.


You are talking to a chick at a bar, and you notice her slowly running her hand up and down her forearm. It is a rash! It is a twitch!

No! It is a tactile woman!

She loves the feel of things on her hand, and most probably the rest of her body. A simple movement like that speaks pages. It is like telling you, ?Look at my hand, pretend it is yours.?

What to do: ?Look but do not touch? does not apply here. Give her a few strokes but keep your hands on neutral territory.

A touch on the shoulder, a tap on the top of her hand would be enough. If she is telling you what you hope she is telling you, she will easily focus her tactile fixation on you.

The Hair-Behind-Ear Tuck

Most women have this technique down pat. It may be an affection of the typical and much sought-after demure lady.

For the most part, it shows that your girl is a preneer. She likes to have every strand of hair to be in place; and a single one of them is out of line. That is the ear tuck power.

What to do: Pay her a compliment. Any compliment will do, but a ?I like your hair like that? may just be the ticket that she has been waiting from you.

Of course, you have heard that flattery would not get you anywhere, but it will be a good start. Do not start off with it, though, because it is just a damn lame line. But throw it into a crucial part of the conversation, and hopefully, she will soon be doing her preening for you.

Puppy Dog Eyes

Awww! She is so cute. Those big doe eyes are practically begging for assistance. She needs your help and you must willingly give it.


Although this tactic is used mostly for flat tires and bus seats, it works quite well in the flirting and pick-up scene as well.

What to do: When the puppy dog?s eyes come on, jump into action. Snap your fingers and order a drink for her. Offer her a chair. Do not overdo it though, because women are totally capable of themselves, and the only reason why she appears like a damsel in distress is the fact that she likes you and she is interested to know you better.

The Laugh and Touch Combo

At an appropriate time in the conversation, you whip out your favorite gay bar joke to seal the deal with your date. She laughs unabashedly, leans towards you, and plants an unassuming hand on your thigh, arm, or shoulder.

So she thinks you are funny, right? Wrong. The upside down, though, is that she is into you, downright interested in you, despite the lame-ass joke. This is her way of showing you that she is easy to get along with and open to possibilities that involve you.

What to do: Talk about things that border on the intimate, but end with a self-deprecating joke. This will keep you from going too heavy but at the same time, it sends out the signal that you like her too and that you are comfortable with her.

The bottom line is that men should not be more focused on decoding the body language alone. Trigger the quest by providing appropriate responses in return. That would surely end you both in such an exciting world of ?getting-to-know-you-better? stage.

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