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Posted by genieee on February 8th, 2021

Maharashtra, India, February 8th, 2021

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As we can keep on witnessing the most demanding and changing trends with online hyper-casual games, as well as seeing regular new titles fighting for top positions on the gaming market. Many popular games dubbed online hyper-casual games because of their super simple, addictive, and easy-to-play gameplay, have taken the mobile game industry by storm. Even they have achieved great success than more complicated games in the market.

More intricate games can alienate players who do not have the time required to learn or play, but hyper-casual games eliminate both of these barriers. The intuitive user interface paired with a user experience that entertains is the perfect recipe for continued engagement and long-term retention.

The most popular technology used for online game development is html5. HTML 5 Game Development is what we call game development that runs in a browser, that uses the exact same languages and tools of front-end development. By knowing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript it is already possible to create simple games able to run on every platform equipped with a browser. But that has been possible for a long time and, although some pretty addictive games can be created using that technology, to talk about HTML 5 game development is to talk about the canvas API.

Even many HTML5 Game Development companies already build many hyper-casual games which very addictive and interesting.

The key behind the success of hyper-casual games lies not in their quality, but rather their quantity. Very interesting games get launch in bulk often. I place of huge budget and the too-long process of development like testing, upgrading, etc. many companies build these games in a very low budget by assigning just two or three developers per game. and the timing of building such games is an approx a couple of weeks only.

Speaking on the short and quick creation process of these hyper-casual games, industry specialist Stephane Kurgan, the former chief operating officer at Candy Crush makers King, said, “They have done to Candy Crush what Candy Crush did to traditional PC games.” He further added, “The barrier to entry is very low, and it’s highly capital-efficient.” This, combined with the saturation of the market, makes the competition in the mobile gaming industry massively fierce.

Paul Murphy, a partner at venture firm Northzone and the CEO of mobile games company Dots, told Tim Bradshaw, Global Tech Correspondent at the Financial Times in a recent article, “The cost of building games is dropping and therefore people can put out games really quickly and cheaply.

He further added, “Because you can get something out there for little to no effort, in hyper-casual, there is a lot of crap, and a lot of clones, and a lot of clones of crap.

As usual, we cannot consider these games users will play for years to come and even companies not create these games by considering that expectation. The player is bound to get tired of such games and uninstall them once the initial charm and novelty of the concept wears off. That's the main reason companies don’t want to invest too much effort into making the best quality game.

Many popular genres already converted to online hyper-casual games, they usually easy-to-play and mostly free. Users can play this kind of games simultaneously while doing their regular work as they require very little attention and time. Controls of these games are easy to learn and make for continued engagement and long-term user retention.

Most online hyper-casual games feature a 2D design with a simple color scheme, which adds to their simplicity and charm. All of these factors make such games highly addictive and are the reason why they’ve been dominating top-charts in the online game market.

Online hyper-casual games are very easy to learn and play, you can play immediately after just one click, without needing to go through any tutorial or instructions. They typically feature infinite looped mechanics, which might appear deceptively easy to master at first, but with each stage, become more challenging. All in all, hyper-casual games’ simple nature tends to make them highly playable, and you can easily spend hours playing them, as they make for an addictive pastime.



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