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Zamzam water flows out of Zamzam well. For decades it has been quenching the thirst of billions of people, particularly during the pilgrimage of Hajj.

Islamic history suggests that at the Zamzam water is a miracle in itself. The Zamzam well is located at 20 meters east of the holy Kabah (Approximately). It is 35 meters deep and capped by an elegant and striking dome.

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All the Islamic schools of thought agree that Allah created the Zamzam well to provide water to the wife of Prophet Ibraheem (AS), Hajira and her baby (Prophet Ismaeel -AS) in the hot and dry valley they were in. This incident took place in the 2000 BC.

The wife of prophet Ibraheem, Bibi Hajira ran seven times back and forth between the hills of Safa and Marwa in the intolerable heat to fetch water for her son who was dying of thirst. Till date, Muslims perform the same act of ‘Saee’ during the pilgrimage of Hajj as an obligation for remembering the struggle of Bibi Hajira.

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