Gain Wealth and Prosperity in All Possible Ways Through Astrology

Posted by P N Bhatt on February 8th, 2021

People try their best, work hard day in and day out, but still, they do not gain enough wealth and prosperity that they deserve.

What do they do? They blame it on their boss, their company and the society and then the next day repeat the same process.

But all they need to do is believe a little bit more in themselves, the almighty and astrology; which is the science that can change their lives, if they just give it a chance.

The main houses related to wealth prospect

Here it doesn’t mean the houses that people live in, but the houses in a person’s horoscope, the second house in anyone’s astrological horoscope is called dhana bhava which indicates wealth, this house’s, it’s lord and indicator’s strength decide the amount of money that a person will earn, all this is calculated according to a chart that contains all the houses, other than this house the strength of 6th, 10th and 11th house also determines how much wealth they will attract.

The 2nd, 6th and 10th houses combined together are known as artha trikona and are very important for prosperity, they are also known as upachaya house as they will provide a person with the strength, they need to fight all odds and overcome all obstacles as in anyone’s financial journey they will have hindrances.

Marrying the right person will increase the strength of the houses and they will also fix the horoscope if it is totally messed up.

The main planets related to prosperity

Wealth is one thing but prosperity is just as important, the person also needs to know their planets, in any horoscope moon and Jupiter are related to wealth while Venus is related to luxury and comfort, to summarize if Venus, Jupiter and moon are well placed in the horoscope a person will become rich and prosperous.

In the 21st century however mercury must also be well placed for financial prosperity while praised mercury will keep the finances stable.

Here are some astrological remedies to improve financial status

Cash locker position: - A person can place their locker or cash cupboard facing south or south west and they can make sure that it opens in the north direction because north is the direction of Kuber Ji the lord of wealth and opening it in his direction guarantees that he fills it again and again.

Place a mirror: - If a mirror is placed in front of the locker so that it reflects it’s image, this basically means reflecting wealth

Free of cost: - It is advised to never take anything free of cost or give anything for free, there should always be a compensation involved in both cases.

The Kuber Yantra: - Place the yantra on a red cloth at your place of worship and pray to the lord of wealth every day.

Treating women: - Never disrespect the women in your house as they are the symbol of goddess Laxmi ji this will ensure that the goddess always blesses the house with prosperity.

It is important to consult an expert in these things as they are very scientific and complicated and trying something stupid with horoscope may even worsen a person’s condition, instead go to as they have 1000+ expert Astrologers.

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