French Bulldog - description of the breed and character of the dog

Posted by sterling roses on February 8th, 2021

The French Bulldogs have long gained not only sympathy, but also the hearts of an army of multi-million fans. This gentle, locator-like ears, the creature is easily taken as friends by people from different continents of our vast planet. And I have to say that the French bulldog has gained such an attitude towards himself. Dogs of this breed are distinguished by an extraordinary mind, devotion and a sociable character.

Despite the severe appearance and strong jaws, the Frenchman is capable of good feelings and sincerity. He may become a good companion to a person, but if it becomes necessary to protect the owner, the bulldog will demonstrate his fighting character. This breed of dog has a very rich history in which there are tragic and even secret events.

Evolutionary stages

It should be noted immediately that the French bulldozers were reared as a result of repeated selection. Their ancestors were considered good guards, although they became more famous for participating in unusual battles when the dog entered a duel with a bull. A few centuries ago, such competitions were considered a favorite enthusiast of Europeans.

Unfortunately, there is no reliable data on the origin of this breed. Therefore, for the honour of being considered the birthplace of these charming babies, France and England fought with different success. The imprint of those distant events remained in the name of the race: the first part indicates the geography of origin, and the second - the English bulldog means "bull and dog". The British called these brave boys to participate in the persecution of the bulls, not shy in front of them.

Experts believe these small dogs are direct descendants of the Grand Dane Molossian, brought to Misty Albion in ancient Athens. Once in new habitats, four-legged emigrants were chosen at random. The passage was not controlled because they kept these cute dogs, both noble men and poor people. However, the characteristic features of the ancient English ancestors are clearly seen in the modern representatives of this breed: a short body, strong muscles, muscle traits.

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