Purchasing Guidelines for Designer Dinnerware Set

Posted by everten on December 20th, 2014

To have at least one set of designer dinnerware can make you a more graceful host. Fine designer dinnerware not only impresses your guests it also enables you to serve food in a stylish and elegant manner. There are plenty of designer dinnerware sets to choose from, and it is easy to get overwhelmed by the selection. These guidelines should help you buy the right designer dinnerware set to add style to your parties, match the occasion, and convey your personal style.

Consider how you will use the dinnerware.Dishes are primarily classified as casual and formal. To buy something in between might be the smarter choice if you are trying to be a minimalist, but it makes sense to buy one of each so you have one set for daily use and another one for special occasions and holidays.

Think about the size. Before you shop, measure the cupboard or the cabinet where you intend to store or display your designer dinnerware. You want to ensure your new dinnerware will fit. Make sure you can still close the doors of the cupboard and that the plates are not too big. You may need additional space for extras like sugar bowls, platter, creamer server, or a serving bowl.

What's your budget? Designer dinnerware is a little more expensive, so setting a budget is recommended if you do not want to overspend. You might buy a set of six to eight dinner plates, cups, saucers, and bowls on a relatively modest budget, or you can consider individual place settings. To save money, you can also shop from a reputable retailer of dinnerware in Australia that provides a fixed postage fee for all orders.

Check the materials.You should consider the material of the dishes before you make your final decision. The most popular kinds of designer dinnerware are made of porcelain, bone china, pottery or earthenware, glass, and stoneware. A majority of these choices are made of clay, but they differ in the clay used and how long they have been fired in a kiln.

Earthenware, pottery, and stoneware are made of the same clay, but stoneware is fired at high temperatures, making it more scratch-resistant than others. Porcelain is delicate as it is brittle and may chip or break easily. Bone china is strong due to bone ash added to it. Look for a dinnerware break-proof or shatterproof.

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