The Smart Way of Choosing Wine Glasses Online

Posted by everten on December 20th, 2014

Choosing wine glasses to buy online can be confusing with so many choices available from different manufacturers, but a bit of research goes a long way. The key is to develop a basic understanding of the different stemware and wine glasses and what each is designed for. Remember that the colour, size, and shape of the glass can easily affect your experience of the wine.

To truly enjoy wine, you must go beyond smell and taste you must also appreciate the visual aspect of it. When choosing wine glasses, consider way the light plays on the liquid, way the aroma is captured in the glass, and how well you can swirl the wine.

First, check the size of the wine glass. Wine glasses with broader and larger bowls are ideal for big red wines while narrow wine glasses are suitable for delicate and lighter white wines. Choose a tall, slender flute if you intend to drink champagne. A wider bowl provides more surface area for the wine, exposing it to air and encouraging the evaporation of alcohol to create the wine's aroma, which can dramatically alter its taste. Red wine glasses have a wider bowl for that purpose.

Lighter wines like white wine taste better with slight oxidation, so they are best served in a narrow bowl. This helps preserve the wine's delicate aroma and chill. A tapered shape suspends the aroma on top of the glass and stops it from wafting off when you swirl the wine. It helps prevent spills when swirling, too. A flared rim effectively maintains the aroma of the wine while directing its flow to the front palate to temper acidity and emphasise on the rich fruity flavour.

Wine glasses are stemmed or stem-less. To hold them by the stem prevents the heat from your palms from affecting the wine's temperature. Stemmed glasses might be convenient for storage if you want to hang them upside down, so dust and stale air cannot be trapped in the bowl. Stemless wine glasses or wine tumblers, on the other hand, are more casual. They are suitable for al fresco dinners and casual entertaining.

The problem with buying online is you have to rely on the description and the pictures of the product, and hope they are accurate. This is why you should only buy your wine glasses from a reputable online retailer of glassware. Look for indicators like a ‘Google Trusted Store’ status and the number of positive customer reviews.

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