Wine Glasses: Tips for Keeping Wine Glasses Sparkling Clean

Posted by everten on December 20th, 2014

When washing wine glasses, you wan to prevent the usual cleaning agents from leaving unsightly stains and residue that can affect the appearance of the glass and wine, and the taste of the drink. These tips should help you clean your wine glasses properly and keep them sparkling clean without ruining them:

  1. Avoid using the dishwasher. Wine glasses are fragile. It’s best to wash them by hand to prevent breaking, chipping, or scratches. The best way to clean wine glasses by hand is with hot water around 83 degrees Celsius, which is the temperature suitable for sterilisation. Let the glasses air dry after washing.
  1. Wash them separately. It is not advisable to wash wine glasses with your other dinnerware and kitchenware because the grease could go to the glasses and affect their appearance and leave an unpleasant odour or taste.
  1. Do not use rinsing aids. Rinse your wine glasses with warm water. Rinse aids can leave outlines of surface beads on the glass, leading to unsightly stains that may be difficult to wipe off.
  1. Do not use too much detergent. Use a small drop of detergent if you cannot be sure about cleanliness by merely washing the wine glass in hot water. Rinse repeatedly until you are sure that there is no trace of detergent left on the glass.
  1. Air dry. Avoid using tea towels to dry your glassware because they can leave fibres. leave the hot glasses upside down to air dry.
  1. Use weak vinegar solution to remove white grey film. Organic matter can leave white-grey film on fine crystal, but don’t worry you can get rid of it when you soak the glassware in weak vinegar solution for one to two hours. The vinegar will help dissolve the wine stains. Do not forget to clean and rinse the glassware with hot water afterwards.

  2. Wash one wine glass at a time. You are dealing with delicate glassware, so handle each wine glass with care. Hold a wine glass by the bowl instead of the stem. Use a soft foam bristled brush or a sponge with a handle to clean the inside. Avoid using your bare hand to reach inside the glass because that can put pressure on the glass and cause it to break.

  3. Do not wait long. When you are done drinking, rinse the glasses as soon as possible to prevent the wine from sticking and causing stains.

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