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Posted by Johny Dean on December 20th, 2014

Replacement windows can be divided into several categories, depending on some factors. For example, based on the material the window frame is made from, replacement windows Bolton can be uPVC windows, aluminium windows or timber windows. Depending on the way the window is closed or opened, windows can be casement, sliding or tilt and turn windows.

uPVC windows and doors Bolton present numerous advantages: they offer a high level of insulation and protection against the elements, help home and business owners keep their energy bills low, provide protection against the outside noise, and keep thieves and burglars at a distance by offering a high level of security.

In terms of cost, installing and maintaining uPVC windows and doors Bolton is highly affordable and anyone who wants to invest in their security and protection can do this without having to eliminate other expenses like those made for buying clothing, books, concert tickets, or food. Also, to install such windows or doors, people do not have to save prior to installing them.

Replacement windows Bolton made from aluminium are a bit more expensive than uPVC windows, but they are still an affordable choice. They offer a higher level of protection against thieves in comparison to uPVC windows mentioned earlier and can be sometimes considered even more attractive.

However, aluminium windows do not insulate that well as a window made from unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. This makes them more appropriate for business or commercial centres, because these establishments do not have to be warm at the interior as a house. Thereupon, uPVC windows are more appropriate for domestic residences.

The most expensive type of replacement windows is represented by timber windows. They can be manufactured to provide a similar level of security as uPVC windows and the same energy efficiency, but they have a characteristic that no other type of windows mentioned above presents: they look very good.

Timber windows have a traditional look that is desired by those who own cottages, guesthouses, or even larger residences. Although uPVC and aluminium window frames can be made to resemble wood, only some true timber frames can provide the best look. Timber windows can be treated to become waterproof and fireproof, thus gaining an extended lifetime.

All of these windows can be closed or opened in numerous ways. Some common types of windows refer to casement, sliding or tilt and turn windows, depending on buyers’ preferences. Casement windows are attached to their frames by hinges. Sliding windows are windows that slide horizontally on tracks, and tilt and turn windows are those that can get opened or closed like a casement window, at one side, but also at the top.

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