Geocoding Offers You Accurate Location Details

Posted by dunitzsantrino on December 22nd, 2014

Geocoding technology assigns a latitude/longitude coordinate to an address. Once a specific geographical coordinate is assigned, the data can be used for Location Based Services (LBS), which off¬ers businesses/individuals goods and services based on their geographic location. In addition, the technology is used for distance mapping, spatial searches, and for Geographical Information Systems (GIS) where geographic data is stored and analyzed, helping management gain a more complete view of their customers and prospects.

GIS and Enterprise Location Intelligence Systems are used for spatial analysis. Address Interpolation is one way; this is where the street network is already mapped to the geographic co-ordinate space. The process takes an address and matches it to the street segment. The position of the address is then interpolated within the range specified along the segment.

Another technique is known as Point Level Geocoding. This is more accurate and indicates the location of any point at the centroid of the building or land parcel. It is useful for applications like flood determination, insurance underwriting, etc. You also have other techniques like GPS and mile markers. There is also a process called reverse geocoding, which is the reverse process of geocoding. It refers to the process whereby a description of a location, like the place name or postal address, enriches the geographic co-ordinates.

Geocoder is a software suite or web service that helps you implement the process of geocoding. Geocoder can be used for cartography, GIS analysis, transaction mash up, and decision making workflow. On the Web, it can help with local search and routing. When you use GPS along with geocoding, it provides you location data for geo-tagging different pieces of media like RSS items or photographs. As technology advances, this process will only become more effective and accurate. Moreover, the knowledge and control aspects of geocoding are also under study and new algorithms and techniques are being developed.

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