Techniques That Helps Some Animals to Survive in Hostile Environments

Posted by articlelink01 on December 23rd, 2014

The desert is a hostile place for any living creature trying to survive. One of the
animals that have managed to make it in the dry areas is the Desert Lizards. The reptile has developed ways of coping with the high temperatures and low amounts of water. Estivation is a technique that the lizards use to stay alive; this means they have a period of inactivity. They can go for days without water and food. To avoid the intense heat, they hide when they are resting. There are many types of Desert Lizards, and you can even keep some of them as pets in your home.

Adapting To the Environment

The first type is the horned lizard. Like other reptiles, their body is covered with scales, which has a color that matches the ground. Body structure is flat at the back. It has the scale that are pointed and a cranial spine. Many of them have dark colors, mostly brown and black. The most distinguishing structure is the horns. Diet comprises of insects like crickets, flies, ants, beetles, grasshopper, vegetables, and worms. Lizards are experts at lying in wait for their prey to pass by and attack. This is the best method that they use.

If you want to keep the lizard as a pet, you will need to feed it. The most effective way to do it is to have life farm ants. These days it’s not hard to get live ants delivered to your house. The ant farms are both for kids and adults. There are different styles of farms you can choose. You get to watch how ants form their colonies and at the end of the day; you will get something to feed your Desert Lizard. It is a win-win situation, and you get to watch to watch the lives of two amazing creatures unravel in front of you.

Feeding the Reptile

Kids can also use the opportunity of having life ant farms as a science project. You will notice that ants have a distinct structure and order. They are clean and make paths that they use while moving around their habitat. Although kids are allowed to have ant farms, it is recommended that the child should be 8 years or older. You can find a company that will set up the farm for you and bring you the ants that you desire. Having professionals, set up the farm is the best solution if you want an ant farm to avoid any problems in the future.

Desert Lizards are quite intelligent animals, and you will see it for yourself. They are gentle creatures and when you hold them, they will try to push their spines into your hand.Similar to the way a cat does on your leg. The lizards normally mate during the spring. That is between the months of June and July. You have to anticipate this period and prepare yourself. It lays two to six eggs and incubates for 50 to 60 days; this means they will hatch in the month of August.

Science is about being practical, life farm ants helps us to understand how ants interact. When ants become too much, you can feed them to the Desert Lizards understanding the ecosystem and balancing it. Teach your kids the hard way, and not by reading books only.

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