What is SAP and Why Do You Need Such Evaluation?

Posted by Affordable Evaluations on February 9th, 2021

Substance Abuse Professionals are those individuals who are certified to evaluate employees who have desecrated in Dot drug and alcohol program regulation. Moreover, who makes recommendations relating to education, treatment, follow-up testing, and aftercare? A Dot Sap Evaluation provides the analysis and assessment; an employer can determine whether or not to keep an employee in the service of the public. The responsibility of SAP to the public is enormous and colossal.

What Happens During the Dot Sap Evaluation?

During the dot sap evaluation near me, the evaluator must do the following:

• A face to face clinical assessment.
• Provide referrals to education and treatment programs as appropriate.
• A face to face follows up an evaluation.
• Provide the employer and employee the written initial and follow-up Evaluation.
• Recommend follow-up testing and additional treatment as appropriate.

Sap Evaluation Services for the Dot

When drug and alcohol-related infractions arise within the workplace, then SAPs are called upon to evaluate the program and suggest the appropriate education and treatment program with providing follow-up services if needed. We are feeling proud to work with many substance abuse professionals in Houston, Texas. Throughout the metro area, we are experienced in providing high quality, confidential services to employers and employees.

Dot SAP Services Includes:

Services for Employees:

• Initial Dot Sap assessment.
• Level of referral and care recommendation.
• Follow-up evaluation and compliance interview.
• Monitoring and case management.

Services for Employers:

• Dot Sap Assessments.
• Dot Supervisor Training.
• Designated employer representative training
• Individual counseling

Where Can I Find a Dot Sap Program near me?

If you work as an employee in a safety-sensitive position synchronized by the department of transportation, you will require passing a DOT mandated drug and alcohol screening. Applicants also have tested before they are hired. A refusal to test and failed screening or positive result for one or more substances requires that the employee be referred to an SAP. If u recently failed in a DOT mandated drug or alcohol test, your next question may be, “where is the Dot Sap Evaluation near me?”

How Affordable Evaluations Can Help in Finding A Dot Sap Program near me

We offer a fast track enrollment program. When you enrolled in this program, we will schedule the initial evaluation for your interview with a DOT qualified SAP. Randomly, SAP makes recommendations for substance abuse education and treatment. During this Dot Substance Abuse Program, the SAP will accumulate SAP reports and subsequent for the follow-up evaluation and make a decision for whether the employee is eligible to return to duty or not.

Our substance abuse professionals are available to provide Dot sap evaluation facilities to you. If you are ready to schedule a Dot Sap Program near Me, contact us today to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation, and let’s see if we can work together. For more information contact Affordable Evaluations at 281-971-1969.

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