Rent Spy Cams Your Legal Obligations

Posted by AldoMoore on December 24th, 2014

The decision to install a spy cam either in your home or in a business institution comes up with numerous complications. The task of choosing the right one and your legal obligations are the most important among them. Given below is an overview of the legal aspect of the issue.

Rent spy cams: The legal requirements

Surveillance to a certain extent is legal in all the fifty States in the US.  But, installing the same in the places where people generally expect privacy may land you in trouble in certain areas. The best thing is to contact a reliable attorney in your State when installing a surveillance device either in your home or in your company. Keeping the following things in mind too would help you a lot in the matter.

What is private space?

As mentioned above, the law does not allow anyone to install a spy device in the areas where privacy is generally allowed. This may come up with the next question; what is a private space? Private areas are those places where you can expect legal protection to stay safe from prying eyes. Bathrooms, lockers and bedrooms fall in this category. Using a hidden camera with the purpose of viewing nudity in any form too would go against the law of the land. The same applies to audio recording. You are not allowed to record conversations without obtaining permission from the owner of a property. It is also recommended that if there are other alternatives available, you should go for them.

Surveillance in companies

Here too, the law has its own ways of handling malpractices. You would stay safe from complications if you contact an attorney to help in your decision. When watching your employees at work, take care to fulfill the following conditions.

  • Make sure that the device is installed to protect your staff and the public from unwanted interference.
  • Take care to ensure that the data you collect is used to guarantee quality customer service.

Know that you are legally obliged to monitor your staff to prevent theft or other illegal activities in your office. Most of the companies would also have a social media monitoring policy in place. This enables business owners to monitor their staff in social networking platforms. Whatever is your choice, monitoring should not go far enough to destroy the cordial relationship between you and your employee.


Wherever surveillance equipment is installed, you are required to inform the persons in question that they are being watched. There may be exceptions. For instance, parents have the right to know that their child is in safe custody. This makes monitoring the activities of the person entrusted with your son’s or daughter’s care legal. But, informing them is highly recommended. You should also honor their right to privacy in the places like bathroom or bedroom.

The law is quite liberal when it comes to monitoring. You may have to depend on your own moral sense in the matter. Acquiring a device for the purpose is quite simple; just search online with the keyword “rent spy cams.”

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