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Posted by GeorgeVelvet on December 24th, 2014

Dogs, like all other animals prefer a natural habitat, preferably away from the high activity zones like residences. This is the primary reason behind owners showing a certain level of keenness in giving their bowwows a separate space to dwell in peace. It is nice to have a dog around, but that shouldn’t belittle the importance of giving them their own shelter for some quiet and peace. A plastic kennel manufacturer has a fair understanding of the habitation requirements of a dog, and they put them into the making of nice doghouses that serve the dual purpose of living and travelling. Same as a cattery manufacturer, kennel builders also choose certain supplier channels to bring the products into the market for direct purchase.

The primary advantage of using a product from a plastic kennel manufacturer is that it is light in weight and can be carried around easily with the dog in. The most commonly used models of plastic dog kennels can house any species of dogs of all ages weighing between 30 to 70 pounds. The kennels, same as the wired ones have proper ventilation systems through strategically placed airflow holes around the structure. A kennel and cattery manufacturer normally includes built in cups and food trays within the structure to save the owners the trouble of keeping separate dishes for the same.

A plastic kennel manufacturer normally follows the International and Domestic Air Travel codes to ensure health and comfort of the occupants. The kennels also come with a bunch of accessories to support the comfort of the little ones. The structures have fairly large door openings with locking arrangements for the security of your pets. The plastic kennels stand as a sensible choice over the metal wired ones because they are light in weight and fancy to look at. Offer greater privacy and comfort to the little inmates, these kennels are perfect travel packs for those flying with their dogs. You can find these kennels with a cattery manufacturer as well since they both make houses for dogs and cats.

The plastic kennels are good choices when you have kids and infants at home and you don’t want to send your loved pet away in fear of propagating allergens in the air. Plastic kennels come in different sizes, starting from mini basket-like houses to keep small dogs like pugs and Chihuahuas to bigger ones that can accommodate more than one dog. The kennels can also be used for training purposes. If you fear getting bitten or clawed when teaching a pet that is just learning to behave, doing it when limiting them within a kennel can be both safe and effective. These kennels are ubiquitous in the market, and can be found with any retailer that sells such products. Compare the price and quality differences before you buy them with real money to avail some discounts.

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