Army Challenge Coins are Significant Identifiers

Posted by arun on December 25th, 2014

A significant part of the armed forces, challenge coins have been prevalent since world war and have developed into a high graded identification marks from the special awards for considering excellent performance in war or service. Army challenge coins have been known for the award as the most prominent coins for signifying the performance of a soldier. From that time till now, it has become an identification mark that makes it possible for the soldiers to know the identity of the other soldier. In fact, it is a small round shaped coin that has the logo of the concerned armed force like that of the army or navy and the related identification marks on it.

Being known that the logo of the concerned regiment is engraved on the navy challenge coins, they are used by the soldiers to confirm their identification to the soldiers of other battalions. In fact, these coins have also been popularly exchanged to honor the bets that come with the concern that the losing soldier is required to buy a drink for the winner. This is the reason that such coins are exchanged on good terms. Apart from that, the challenge coins are also exchanged as a part of the brotherhood for stating effective relationship between two battalions. In fact, every battalion has their own set of challenge coins with specific marks on them.

When it comes to army challenge coins, they bear a star emblem with the name of the battalion engraved on the coin for clear identification. Ideally, these challenge coins are crafted separately on the base of ranks, Special Forces, battalions, specialized operations and even the concerned branch office of the armed forces. Certainly, the coins are considered as the memorabilia to be kept for lifelong. In this category, the challenge coins are presented by the seniors in a battalion to juniors as an award to recognize an effort. There are many companies that design exclusive quality challenge coins in 24kt gold to that of silver, nickel, copper and bronze.

In case of navy challenge coins, they bear the insignia of captains in the navy, anchor and various other naval logos. Such challenge coins are meant to serve as the perfect identification mark for every sailor. What makes these coins important for every sailor is that they are designed on the base of rank, ship type, rate as well as the award. The logos inscribed on them are related to the naval identities and also accompanies high quality service marking. Being a high graded identity of the armed forces, these challenge coins are a symbol of recognizing valor.

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