It's Time To Beat The Competition for IAS With VNK Academy

Posted by Neilstark on February 9th, 2021

At the best IAS academy in Palakkad,we cater to the countless aspirants who at bedtime close their eyes with a burning desire of serving their nation through Indian Administrative Services. Indian Administrative Services (IAS) attracts lacs of aspirants each year. To be factual, each year around 4 to 5 lac aspirants appear for preliminary examinations, which after rigorous selection processes get confined to an approximated figure of 1000. If we undergo a fact check for the past years, the final vacancies for 2019 and 2020 were 927 and 796. 

According to UPSC, the number of candidates appearing for the Mains is roughly 12 to 13 times the number of vacancies for the year. 

These figures portray the competition that one has to face to earn a place in the Civil Services if he's a true aspirant.

There is nothing to worry about the competition if you're passionate and diligent about cracking this exam. Moreover, this exam doesn't discriminate between the rich and the poor, educational background or social strata. The essence is if you carry the potential and have self-belief along with the right guidance, you can clear it with dexterity.

Kerala tops the literacy chart in India with a whopping figure of 96.2%. Also, Kerala carries the privilege to proffer many civil servants to the country.

Playing a silent role behind the success stories, VNK Academy is amongst thebest IAS academy in Palakkad. Our mentors at VNK Academy, cover all the significant aspects of the Civil Services examination curriculum and saturate the scholars with enough confidence to ensure their success.

VNK Academy has all the modern learning facilities, a dedicated library, and qualified faculties for our students. Apart from these, VNK Academy also provides:

  • Guidance: The instructors at VNK Academy present you with a guiding path to help you climb the ladder of success. They escort you through the complete curriculum and help you figure out what goes best with you.
  • Amenities: VNK Academy confers the best learning environment to its scholars by way of smart classrooms, digital interactive learning, library with sufficient and refreshed reference materials to keep you updated.
  • Study Materials: VNK Academy also provides study materials that encompass all the relevant topics with the examination pattern to gear up the students to face any competitive exams like CA, CS, CMA, CSE, KAS, etc.
  • Professionals serving you: The Mentors possess vast experience and are certified trainers that ensure that shaping your career is with the right hands. In addition to this, VNK Academy also conducts Guest lectures by the retired Civil Services veterans and other industry experts to help motivate the students and familiarise them about the practical aspects of the Civil Services jobs.
  • Mock Tests: Time management is an essential ingredient for your success with Civil Services examinations. The academy conducts Mock Tests at regular intervals to simulate the actual exam pattern, which helps the students to familiarize and achieve time management skills.

The journey to Civil Services is light, but with sheer determination and persistence. VNK Academy is the foremost choice that earns them the best Civil Service Academy in Palakkad. Here, the learning is made easy with the structured curriculum and simplified methodology. If you are preparing for Competitive Exams and Professional Exams, consider contacting us to avail yourself of the best mentorship and guidance to keep you up with your career path.


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