Using an Online Whiteboard Effectively to Teach Better

Posted by Shrikant Sharma on February 9th, 2021

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused educational institutions to adopt online education using different methods that help the digitization of teaching and learning. The face-to-face learning in classrooms is replaced by digital technologies and tools, which enable teachers or educators to connect with learners and share the screen and materials. While embracing the format of online teaching, the educators and teachers get the help of suitable teaching apps to have students actively involve and collaborate with them and other students.

With an interactive whiteboard gaining a lot of significance in online education, its use has enhanced the learning, as well as teaching experience. It helps improve communication by allowing the user to use various templates to create visuals, diagrams, charts, presentations, posters, etc., to help understand the content easier and access it anytime through any smart devices, such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

Advancements in technology offer you the latest interactive whiteboards, which facilitate real-time collaboration and video conferencing. They allow both instructors and learners to use the same board to track the performance.

How an Online Whiteboard Can Help You Teach Better?

By interacting with the materials like texts, videos, images, etc., students learn better. Here are some ways how an online whiteboard helps you conduct teaching in a better way.

Collaborate with Students

A collaboration tool, an interactive whiteboard can be better used to simplify and visualize ideas and concepts during the sessions for the learners. It also enables them to contribute through chat or email with other students and you online. Using it, you can collaborate in the following ways:

Where you are using a teacher app, you can create a brainstorming template and involve all students to it. By sharing your screen and monitoring the movements of students, you can communicate with them. Some visual brainstorming techniques include concept maps, mind maps, affinity diagrams, idea boards, etc.

Create duplicate documents of an assignment and name it for students to complete it post the session. Once done, review the assignment and leave your feedback.

Create and Share Learning Materials

Online teaching asks for keeping the content brief and adding visuals for they help learn faster. The complex concepts are better explained using diagrams, storyboards, posters infographics, charts, graphic organizers, and more.

Use Great Presentations

You can make use of the common space on an online whiteboard to make engaging presentations and share them with students.

You can use an online whiteboard to make your teaching quite effective, engaging and collaborative.

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