CBD Oil for Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Monkoodog on February 9th, 2021

I am sure you would have landed on this article hoping to know if it is a yes or a no. Unfortunately, you have to make the decision yourself after reading through this.

The reason why most people are confused with the use of CBD oil as a remedy for pets is that there are no standard studies that have been conducted to know more about this.

Most of the benefits and risks of CBD for pets are generalized from the CBD related studies for humans.


Cannabidiol is a derivative of the cannabis plant and is highly popular for its medicinal effects. It is to be noted that CBD products do not contain THC - tetrahydrocannabinol which is the compound famous for its psychotic effects.

Thus, CBD related studies are being conducted extensively over the world to know of its potential risks, effects, benefits, and uses. To learn the CBD oil’s risk and benefits in detail, click here. As of now, the studies are not conclusive on a definite answer, however, many countries have legalized its medical usage given its majorly beneficial effects.


  1. Helps to control and prevent seizures
  2. Helps to relieve chronic pain
  3. Helps to deal with neurological problems
  4. Combats anxiety
  5. Fights against cancer cells and also reduce the symptoms of cancer
  6. Possesses anti-inflammatory properties

Potential Risks

CBD oil for pets

  1. Do not use CBD if your dog has any ongoing medication as it might interfere and cause deadly reactions.
  2. It is common for your dog to develop a dry mouth. So make sure they are always well hydrated.
  3. A stronger dosage may cause dogs to feel drowsy.
  4. A stronger dosage may cause a momentary drop of blood pressure which will cause a sudden feeling of lightheadedness.

CBD oil treatment

After consultation with your vet, you can start using the oil in small dosages and if there are no side effects, you can continue with the treatment. With CBD oil, you need to know that any CBD oil will not do. You need to buy the right product as it varies significantly across brands. The best you can do is opt for the products prescribed by your vet.

Remember that CBD itself is not lethal but if you buy products that are inferior and of low quality then you will put your dog at risk.

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