Blinds to regulate the entry of light through the windows of the house

Posted by Moose Consultant on February 9th, 2021

Blinds, together with blinds and curtains, have become essential accessories for home windows. They allow you to regulate the amount of light that enters the home, guarantee a high level of privacy and are very easy to use and install. In fact, the best ones also provide acoustic and thermal insulation and prevent the entry of insects such as moths and mosquitoes. To this must be added that they give style and elegance to the decoration.

To find the best value for money blind for your home you have to look at the following purchase aspects:

  1. Without a doubt, the best blinds on the market are made of aluminum. This material is very resistant to the sun and withstands drastic temperature changes well. PVC is a similar alternative, although cheaper and less resistant, while wood fulfills more aesthetic and decorative functions than functional ones.

Internal or external? It will depend on which side of the window you want to place it on.

  1. There are Venetian, Majorcan, Alicante, box Blinds Winnipeg... The variety is immense. In the section "What types of blinds can I find on the market?" We explain each one in detail.

Opening and closing system. You must choose between roller, pleat and folding blinds. Those are the three most common and practical systems. The pleats are the most aesthetically pleasing, while the other two are more functional.

Ease of installation. The simpler it is, the better. You should be able to do it with a drill, a level, and some hooks.

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  1. In this comparison of blinds we have found a multitude of models that, in addition to decorating and regulating the passage of light, have insulating qualities with respect to temperature and noise.

Price of the blind. Will vary based on size, style, and materials of manufacture. However, we are sure that for between € 10 and € 50 you can find a suitable one for you.

Best brands of blinds. Victoria M., AmazonBasics and Ventanara have been the users' favorites in this comparison.

What is a blind?

A blind is a mechanical device that , placed on the inside or outside of a window, allows the passage of light to be controlled . Its structure is made up of narrow and thin sheets that are interlocked. These are rollable or extensible, depending on the model. They are also very useful to increase privacy inside the house.

How do they work?

It depends on the type of blind . Generally, they employ one of these mechanisms:

Roller shutter. It has a rope attached to a mechanism. When you pull it down, the sheets roll up. By performing the opposite action, they unwind. Classic models expose the roll of foil. Instead, modern blinds hide it inside a drum built into the wall.

Foldable or extendable blind. In it, when pulling or releasing the rope, the sheets do not roll up, but rather fold over each other. Thus, they are completely collected at the top to let the light through.

Fixed blind. It is the system used by Venetian or Japanese blinds, for example. In them, the sheets are not folded or rolled, but are placed parallel to the window to prevent the passage of light. To open them, the mechanism rotates to place them perpendicular to the glass.

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