5 Tips for Choosing a Watch that Matches the Shape of the Hand

Posted by LouisWillis on February 10th, 2021

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Watches are indeed accessories that make us cooler in addition to their function of determining time. Sometimes we see someone really cool wearing a certain model of watch that makes us interested in buying the same model. But it turns out that after we buy it, it sometimes doesn't fit in our hands.

This goes together with amount 5 on the checklist. Possessing a beautiful minimalist watches for men you take honor in, even one unique in fashion is something that implies something to everybody. My son loves Venom the comic book personality and also when he came upon this white and also dark Poison watch that was actually modern in style, he obtained it promptly. He wears his watch virtually each and every single day. This is the kind of watch he can pass down to his very own kids who may adore comics personalities. Similar to any household heirloom, a watch is something that may be valued for several years ahead.

For that in choosing a watch that matches your hand shape. So you will not regret buying the watch and it will make you look more stylish. To choose a watch that fits your hand shape, you can apply the following tips:

Watches for fatty and large hands

Fatty hands and large shape are not caused by the size of the large bones. But generally it is caused by thick fat, so it looks bigger. Generally these big, fatty hands are owned by someone who is fat.

It is best if owners of large, fatty hands avoid watches with small bazels and small straps. Because it makes your watch look drowned. Conversely, you can choose a watch that has a bazel size that is not too thin and a medium or large strap.

Watches for tiny hands

Generally, someone who has tiny wrists also has a thin body shape. For those of you who have tiny wrists, you can choose a watch that has a strap on a watch that is also small. Because if you choose a watch with a large strap, it will make your hand seem heavy by its large shape.

Watches for muscular hands

Generally, men have muscular hands, but it is not uncommon for women to have hands like this. For those of you who have a muscular hand, you can choose a watch that looks sporty and masculine.

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You should avoid watches made from cloth, stainless or bracelets. Because it makes your watch seem incomparable to the shape of your muscular hand.

A watch for flat, wide hands

For those of you who have flat and dense hands, you are free to choose the watch model you want. But the watch will look more beautiful and attractive if you choose stainless steel instead of using canvas or leather.

Watches for proportional hand shapes

People whose hands are proportional generally have a proportional body shape, that is, they are not too fat and big, but also not too small. For those of you who have this hand shape, you must be happy because you are free to choose the watch according to your wishes.

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