How Long Is The Visa Stay Back After Completing Study Abroad In UK?

Posted by Harish Vaishnav on February 10th, 2021

If you are looking at studying abroad in the UK, you have made a good decision. The UK is one of those countries that offer ample opportunities for Indian students. Many students are making a conscious choice of going for foreign education in order to become global citizens. The Best Overseas Education Consultant in Delhi will be able to give you complete guidance. Studying in the UK can give you exposure to a variety of cultures. Thus, you will be able to learn a lot from other fellow students, coming from various other nations. The UK’s leading universities rank amongst the top universities in the world. You should ask the best UK education consultants in Delhi for further assistance.

Visa Stay Back After Completing Study Abroad In UK

With effect from 2021, International students can stay in the UK for a period of 2 years after the completion of their degree program. A Study Abroad Consultant can guide you on this path. You ought to know about some of the facets of the program. They are:

  • The UK visa extension for 2-years for Non-EU students is in effect after graduation from 2021.
  • The UK has massive plans to enroll 600,000 students in their programs each year by 2030.
  • Earlier, a large chunk of students could work up to 4 months only on the basic visa, after completion of their program.
  • Those students who had a pilot visa could stay back for 6 months.

Thus, the UK - government plans to reinstate the 2- year extension, to improve relationships between the two countries and also improve the economy. Thus, students from India can take full advantage of the situation today. The study abroad consultants Guwahati can also guide you through the process. After the implementation of this policy of extension, students of both graduate and post-graduate can apply for a leave for about 6 months after completion of their program. So, you can utilize the time to look for job opportunities.  Doctoral students can avail a 1-year break to look for job opportunities. There are more such terms and conditions that you should know about. However, most parents are also not quite sure. The best study abroad consultants in Delhi can now help you in securing admission to the UK universities. Admissify can give you complete know-how about the application procedures.

Why Most Students Prefer The UK?

Apart from the basic reasons stated above, to pursue higher studies in the UK, there are plenty more. Universities in the UK are providers of quality education. That is one of the first and foremost reasons why most students want to go to the UK to study. The universities in the UK offer courses, that have shorter duration than the ones offered by other universities elsewhere in the world. Moreover, most employers value the degrees and diplomas obtained from UK universities. They carry a huge weightage when compared to degrees and diplomas of other countries. The best UK education consultants in Delhi can offer you the right solution to go for the best universities.

A student can choose from amongst 50,000 courses in various subjects. Moreover, UK continues to provide more opportunities for research. Students can also earn attractive grants, fellowships, and scholarships today. Those offered by the UK universities are a lot more lucrative than the ones offered by other countries. Students can also find part-time jobs and work and study at the same time. England, Northern Ireland, Scotland together is a cultural melting pot. Thus, Indian students who go to the UK to study return as more seasoned individuals. The scope to learn about the subject and life in general is good. That is the reason, so many educational consultants are advising you on the educational opportunities in the UK. You can rush for guidance to the best UK education consultants in Delhi. Admissify will assist you at every step, today.

You should contact the renowned educational consultants, Admissify. They are adept at providing you complete guidance and a crash course for admission processes for UK universities. If you are looking for some other universities, they can help you with that as well. So, why delay? Now, you can chalk out your own pathway for success. Connect with them on 011-41219999/ 09999-127085. You can also WhatsApp and enquire about their various courses. No matter, which part of the country you are based in, get in touch with the best study abroad consultants in Delhi.

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