How to Watch Amazon Prime Videos on Roku?

Posted by mark jonson on February 10th, 2021 - To watch prime video on amazon my TV, user need to enter 6 digit registration code on online web portal that is Create amazon prime video account from the official website from TV and start watching your favorite web series or movies.

Where to enter my amazon TV code?

The Amazon mytv code can be typed in the online activation portal of Amazon prime just visit to the amazon website - enter code roku tv and enter amazon registration code in the box and click on register the device.

Steps to create amazon mytv account

  1. Find an internet-enabled device and access on any reliable browser on the device.
  2. Find the ‘New to Amazon’ tab.
  3. Under it, click on ‘Create Your Amazon Account.
  4. You will be required to provide some personal information – your name, email, and a unique password.
  5. Type in the information at the appropriate tabs and click on ‘Create Your Amazon Account.’
  6. You will be asked to check the email you have provided for a verification link. Alternatively, you may be sent an Amazon Prime One Time Password (OTP).
  7. In the case of the OTP, punch in the password and click on CONTINUE.
  8. If you plan to become a paid Amazon Prime Member, go ahead to add your credit card as the preferred payment method

How to Watch Amazon Prime on Samsung TV?

If you own a TV and are facing the problem of Amazon Prime Video is not working on Samsung TV, then we recommend you to read the article till the very end. We have listed more than one method, so that if one doesn’t work out for you, then you can go for the next ones. Hopefully, by the end of this article, the prime video not working on Samsung TV issue would have solved up.

How to fix Amazon Prime Video application

There are several options to fix and resume Amazon Prime Video. Depending on the reason why Amazon Prime Video application has crashed, there may be several options to solve the problem.

  1. The first thing to try is to clear the TV cache. For convenience on Samsung TVs, this procedure is very simple. Turn the TV off, turn on and hold the power button for about 20 seconds and the TV cache will be cleared. The second way is to go to the TV menu and clear your watch history or reset your Smart.
  2. This can only help for a while if you have problems with the application again. This means that you have very little memory left on your TV. To keep Amazon Prime Video running smoothly, remove applications that you are not using.
  3. If you can’t solve the problem by completing the first two items, the problem is most likely with the application itself. Do the following – log in to your Smart TV and reinstall the Amazon Prime Video application on your TV, the application may have failed. You may then need to log in to your Amazon account again.

Freeing up memory and clearing the cache allows Amazon Prime Video to work stably.

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