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The discussion about amino energy is incomplete without Optimum Nutrition. The health brand, ON, is successfully running for past thirty years and specialises in amino energy supplements. Amino acids, you see, are the building blocks of protein, the most crucial macronutrient of the human body.

They manage tons of human body functions. In this blog you will be informed about the beneficial side of the optimum nutrition amino energy supplements.


The world is going gaga over the optimum nutrition amino energy supplements for a number of reasons, such as:

Muscle growth: The foremost perk of ON amino supplementation is its use to increase muscle growth.

The BCAA leucine is vital for activating a certain pathway in the human body which further stimulates muscle protein synthesis, and makes strong muscles. People consuming amino supplements have higher exercise resistance.

Decrease Muscle Soreness: The optimum nutrition amino energy supplements are further helpful in decreasing muscle soreness. The BCAAs present in amino supplements help to decrease muscle soreness after a workout, known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

It develops usually 12 to 24 hours after exercise and can last up to 72 hours. The probable cause of DOMS is tiny tears in the muscles after exercise, and research says that BCAAs can decrease muscle damage, which in turn, helps to reduce the length and severity of DOMS.

The ON amino supplements technically decrease protein breakdown during exercise and reduces the levels of creatine kinase, an indicator of muscle damage.

The best effects can be availed when amino supplements are taken before exercise, so as to speed up recovery time.

Reduce Exercise Fatigue: In addition to decreasing muscle soreness from exercise, amino supplements also help to reduce exercise-induced fatigue. People indulged in heavy exercise experiences fatigue and exhaustion at some point, depending upon the intensity, duration, environmental conditions, and your nutrition and fitness level.

In this context, amino supplements are useful. They can help your muscles use BCAAs during exercise, as they control the blood level and hence the tryptophan in your brain, else it would turn into serotonin, and contribute to the development of fatigue during exercise.

There are various experiments depicting that people who consumed the optimum nutrition amino energy supplements improved their mental focus during exercise, as it reduces fatigue. As a result, there is an improvement in exercise performance.

Prevent Muscle Wasting: Amino supplements also help the BCAAs to help prevent muscle wasting or breakdown. Muscle proteins are regularly broken down and rebuilt during heavy activities, and exercises.

This muscle breakdown occurs when protein breakdown exceeds the level of muscle protein synthesis. Muscle wasting is directly related to malnutrition and leads to chronic infections, even cancer.

Hence, it is important to maintain the BCAA balance in your body. It will aid quality living.

Benefit People who have liver disease: The last perk of optimum nutrition amino energy supplements is that it improves health in people with cirrhosis, a chronic disease liver disease.

If not treated on time, this cirrhosis will develop into hepatic encephalopathy, which is the loss of brain function. Although certain types of sugars and antibiotics are used for the treatment for hepatic encephalopathy, but the best solution is BCAAs. It controls further harm and the risk of cancer as well.

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