The Basics Behind Turbocharger Repair Services

Posted by Diesel Injection on February 10th, 2021

A turbocharger is a forced induction system, which is responsible for bringing air into the combustion chamber of an engine. Turbochargers are powered by a vehicle’s exhaust gas. The exhaust gas spins the turbine wheel, one of the components within the turbocharger system, and the turbine wheel spins a compressor wheel. While spinning, the compressor wheel sucks in a large amount of dense, outside air and compresses it. Because the air is high in temperature, it needs to pass through an air cooler. In the cooler, the air lowers in temperature and gains even greater density before it enters the engine. Once in the engine, the compressed air allows more fuel to be added into the cylinder, and the engine burns the fuel more efficiently. In addition to installing turbochargers because they are fuel-efficient and produce less CO2, many drivers use these systems to help their vehicles reach higher speeds.

If your turbocharger is acting strange, Turbocharger repair Orlando invites you to bring it in for repair. Warning signs of impending turbocharger maintenance include a whining sound that grows louder at boost, the smell of burning oil, an excessive amount of smoke, and a noticeable decrease in power. A turbocharger may also be in danger of failing when it does not receive enough lubrication, and improper lubrication can lead to carbon build-up. Likewise, small pieces of debris may make their way into the turbocharger and damage its components. If you notice or suspect any of these problems, let us help. Their staff is equipped with the right tools to repair your turbocharger. They will carefully inspect its components, identify the problem, and proceed with the repair process to get you back on the road with a fully functioning turbocharger.

A basic rebuild can be performed when there are no internal hard parts (compressor wheel, turbine shaft/wheel, bearing housing, etc. Rebuild prices can vary depending on the turbocharger model and actual parts needed. Services Include: 

Complete disassembly and inspection of shaft and housing (for wear and cracks) bearings, seals, and rings (for wear and clearances)

  • New repair kit
  • Replace bearings, seals, and O-rings
  • Free turbo Gaskets
  • Balancing all rotating parts
  • Balancing report
  • Cleaning
  • Sandblasting all components

Turbo Orlando rebuilds and sells turbochargers for a full range of makes, models, and equipment, from cabs that haul trailers across the country to backhoes on construction sites and diesel engines that power through the rugged countryside. Standard turbocharger rebuilding costs start at 3.5 hours labour at an hour Plus parts and machine work to complete a correct rebuild. While Marine, VNT and VGT turbos start at 6-10 hours labour. You will be charged a estimate before the rebuild begins and have access to our knowledgeable technicians before, during, and after the rebuild. The Estimate charge will be waived upon a rebuild. If you do not proceed with the rebuild, they will not reassemble the turbocharger.

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