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Posted by brintlogistics on December 30th, 2014

One of the leading players in trade, manufacturing and industry in the world today is China. Many Australian companies import goods and products from China because they are affordable and of suitable quality. China to Australia shipping is now provided effectively and reliably by the firm BRI International. This global firm is one of the best known logistics and supply chain management companies operating from Australia. It has many different offices in port cities all around the world. Shipping from China to Australia is now made easy and reliable through the shipping lines managed and used by BRI International. This is the reason why this firm is the number one choice for all its clients.

There are many reasons why companies and businesses all across Australia choose BRI for their logistics and warehousing needs. For starters, this firm has been around for many years. This means it is experienced and has a proven track record. Another reason is that the firm tailors solutions for each client as their needs may vary. Their international customs brokerage services are used by small businesses, medium size firms and even large corporations because they all know they can count on this firm due to its wide reach and efficient delivery of service. It is among the most dependable warehousing and logistics companies in Australia.

There are various ways that customers can contact BRINT in order to find out how they can enjoy their amazing, affordable and impressive services. One is to visit their official website at the online address www.brint.com.au. This is the official web address of the firm and visitors will be able to find out more about services such as China to Australia shipping as well as the necessary clearing, forwarding, logistics and transport services available. The good news is that each client is treated individually as their needs vary. This makes shipping from China to Australia very effective, fast and reliable.

As a well established firm, BRINT has the experience, expertise and resources to provide excellent shipping, transport, warehousing and other services in the supply chain management. The firm has excellent international customs brokerage connections with very knowledgeable agents. These agents not only operate in Australia but all across the world. They enable goods under BRI to be shipped, delivered and transported safely so they reach their intended destinations on time. BRINT is definitely one of the largest and most trusted warehousing and logistics companies in Asia and the world.

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