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Posted by Dr Rajat Sachdeva on February 10th, 2021


What Is Dentistry For Patients With Special Care?

Everyone needs special care when it comes to dentistry or any other medical profession, but ‘patient with special care or differently able patient` refers to patients who are physically disabled or patient with learning or developmental disability or those suffering from severe medical conditions.

Now, in these scenarios there are many concerns related to their treatment.

So These Questions Will Be Answered In This Blog

Who can provide treatment?

Almost all dentists will be more than happy to help/treat such patients in their clinic, but sometimes it might get difficult for them to make special arrangements or they themselves might need specialist’s help to carry out procedure.

How do I arrange Specialist?

Usually patient’s dentist or physician will refer them to clinic and doctor suited. Also doctor will give patients history, X-rays and reports to suited doctor.

What does dental team needs to know?

Dental team treating such patient will be prepared for all things like patients being apprehensive, not having clear speech, anxious patient, might refrain themselves from getting treated, might not communicate with doctor directly. These doctors have to be in constant touch with patient’s family, physician and care taker. They need to be very compassionate and understanding.

How accessible is the clinic?

Clinic for such patients have to be modified according to them. Certain modifications which could be made are Operatory should be accessible, lift service, usually requires team to control & handle such patients. Specialized machines and monitors have to be available or if needed in certain special cases specialist will have to visit patient at their house.

Is medication an issue?

Medication is most important aspect .There should be direct communication between dentist & patient’s physician .Every medication & its dosages should be discussed between both the doctors. Also sugar –free medications should be recommended because such patients are not able to maintain their oral hygiene.

Anything to maintain oral hygiene in such patient’s?

As stated above obviously maintaining oral health is difficult since they might not have limbs nor has mobility issues. So it’s important to reach all areas of mouth. Tooth brush with soft bristles should be advised since they might not asses how hard they are brushing or how hard the pressure is being applied. Electronic/Power brushing could help them to maintain oral health.

How often should such patients visit dentist?

For such patients it becomes very important to regularize their dental visits. Dentist may recommend them dental hygienist who will remove tartar, clean their teeth, motivate and teach such patients how to clean their teeth, teach care takers how to maintain patient’s oral hygiene. It’s not only good for oral health but would greatly help people with learning difficulties as it will have positive impact on patient.

Besides All Of These,

RELATIVE ANALGESIA can also help patients. In this nitrous oxide and O2 are administered through nose piece which is safest form of sedation both for kids & patients with special needs. But some exceptions are there for example: Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis.

Other ways are:


These all will make patient less anxious and help doctors carry their treatment smoothly.

We at Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental centre, work tirelessly to make sure our patients have all facilities.

Following are facilities we provide for patients with special care:


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