Induction Sealing: A Safer Packaging Solution

Posted by Neilstark on February 10th, 2021

Processed as well as canned items have been on the rise in this technological era which in all the ways is interrelated because of the dependence both of them possess over each other. Now not only the food is processed, but the range traverses from the FMCG industry to automobiles, and this will certainly go on increasing with the progression in society rather the technological society.

When we take into consideration processed items, then security is one of the most important concerns for the manufacturing firms, which is why induction sealing wads were introduced to the market.

What is an induction sealing wad?

Induction sealing is a simple process by which an aluminium foil disc is sealed on the mouth of a container/bottle to ensure the safety of the product inside.Induction sealing is a process where we place the foil disc inside the cap and allow the container to pass the induction sealer. The induction seal is then produced which is sealed to the rim of the container. Induction sealing wads are a form of a seal which protects the product from any kind of spillage and contamination and these are made by the process of induction sealing.

Why are induction sealing wads preferred?

1. They are leak-proof and are in contact with the mouth of the container at all times, which provides a 100% seal.

2. Now comes the security feature which is the unique selling point(USP) of the induction sealing wad. It is very difficult to remove the sealing wads, and if somebody attempts to do so it can be easily noticed that the product has been tampered with.

3. The unique holography which has been applied to the seal is an attempt to fight against the counterfeiting products and helps consumers be aware of the brand.

4. Over the years what could have just been a dream for the society is now happening as the induction sealing is 100% airtight which neither allows the product to spill nor to get contaminated with air. This, in other words, can be claimed as a higher shelf-life.

What all are the industries opting for induction sealing wads?


While the levels of usage can differ in particular industries as it will be in accordance with the demand in their departments which is bound to vary. But what can be seen is that every industry has accepted induction sealing wads as a necessity as it helps them gain a confidence in the minds of the consumers.

The listed below are the industries using the induction sealing wads:


2. Pharmaceuticals

3. Agro

4. Automobiles

5. Packaging

6. BFSI (Banking, Financial Services & Insurance)

7. Electronics & Electrical

8. Education & stationery

So, the induction sealing wads manufacturers have prioritised security and taken decisions which in fact have added something of value to the product and had become a boon for the consumers. The security threat we face is now easy to tackle with induction sealing wads.

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