From Toss Out to Sensational Keeper - Light Re-Make

Posted by Clark Finnegan on February 10th, 2021

When the old light from my youngsters's room was transforming extremely "trash-worthy", a grand idea formed and kept me from tossing it out. Initially, it had actually been such a beloved light - it had actually magically transformed the area right into rotating celebrities as well as moons at going to bed. My young boys were enthralled with it! Well, as the young boys expanded, so did their accessibility benefit to the light. The inner spinning mylar cyndrical tube with the moon and star designs developed into a mangled, messed up, ripped up piece of multi-colored plastic. There was nothing salvageable there. What was left, nonetheless, was a perfectly useful light as well as a plain wooden framework that held 4 blank canvas panels. Because I could not possibly toss a working light away despite just how plain and also awful it was - I had to jazz it up! Below's exactly how I did it: 1. I "washed" the canvas panels with a "butter lotion" colored bottled acrylic watered down with water using a 2" brush. To create Star Projector Australia , I first made upright strokes on all four panels then returned and also did horizontal strokes. 2. I very carefully painted the wooden framework with a dark brownish bottled acrylic utilizing a little musicians' brush. (if you're not certain with your painting skill - use painters tape on the canvas panels to prevent obtaining the brownish paint on them). 3. As quickly as the structure and also panels were completely dry, I planned my stencil placement and after that taped the stencil in place utilizing concealing tape. After eliminating all excess paint from my stencil brush on a paper towel, I stenciled the layout on all four panels making use of a round movement. I made use of a design from our Plaster Petite's Line, established # 1. For the finishing touch - I used four pretty finials that I attached to the four edges of the frame with white glue. You'll discover great finials in the window therapy aisle OR try a truly remarkable attractive cabinet pull for the top! Simply do not relocate the lamp up until the adhesive is completely dry or you will certainly have four dropping off finials! That's all there is to our "Old Light Re-Make" - we hope you appreciated this task! For even more completely incredible stenciling make-over and re-decorating concepts, visit our web site frequently!

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