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Posted by GeorgeVelvet on December 30th, 2014

Have you ever heard of Better Life Mobility? This is a center which offers mobility accessories and vehicles for people with disabilities. If you’re impaired and unable to walk or have problems which restrict your ability to move, you need special equipment such as wheelchairs, scooters or vans to more around. You can find such vehicles, as well as other services, at

Yes, you have a handicap, but that shouldn’t restrict you from doing the things you love, from having a normal and fulfilling life. The biggest problem when you have a disability is the fact that you can’t have full independence…or perhaps you can? The guys at Better Life Mobility believe that living with a disability and doing all the things healthy people do is more than possible. Better Life Mobility is a center dedicated to those who people who suffer from disabilities. If you’ll visit, you’ll see that the center offers a variety of different services designed to make handicapped persons’ lives more comfortable, more convenient.

At, you’ll find modern wheelchairs as well as various types of vans and other vehicles. In what concerns wheelchairs, you’ll have to choose between two types: manual pushed ones or electric wheelchairs. Usually, wheelchairs are designed for a ‘universal fit’, but the professionals at Better Life Mobility can adapt wheelchairs to their client’s needs, according to the level of assistance they need. Important factors to consider when buying a wheelchair include: your age and weight, the type of terrain you’re going to use the wheelchair on, wheelchair accessories you may need and, of course, the cost of the wheelchair. Manual wheelchairs sold on are cheaper than electric versions, but these offer you less autonomy, as you often need assistance moving, or strong arms to move the wheelchair. Electric wheelchairs are the best choice if you’re looking for convenience and comfort, but you’ll have to pay more money for such a product. What you must absolutely remember is to buy a wheelchair which is light and also easy to transport. This is especially important if you’ve got no oneto assist you in everyday activities.

Better Life center sells different types of wheelchairs: standard chairs which have fixed armrests, detachable armrests wheelchairs, orthopedic chairs which are specifically designed to bring more comfort to people suffering from hip or knee affections, reclining wheelchairs which offer an increased level of comfort and also light and user-friendly wheelchairs which are easy to operate and transport. The team only sells product which are made with quality durable materials such as steel or chrome, or aluminum. If you’re looking for a light model, then a wheelchair made from aluminum is certainly a great option, but if you want a resistant wheelchair to use on rougher terrain, a steel product will be an optimal choice. It all depends on your needs. If you’ve got any questions or just want more details about certain products, don’t hesitate to call the professional at the BLM center.

Better Life Mobility sells quality wheelchairs for clients of all ages. Check out their offers at

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