How UI/UX Design Positively Affects Search Engine Optimization

Posted by Sudha Solutions on February 10th, 2021

Earlier, UX design and SEO seem to be two diametrically opposed methods that are difficult to combine. And for a good reason, the objective of these two strategies is somewhat different. On the one hand, UX design seeks to meet Internet users' expectations by improving a user's experience on a site. On the other hand, SEO aims to optimize the site in question to gain visibility on search engines.

But now things have changed. And today, UX design is one of the elements that contribute to good SEO. But what link can there be between these two notions? How important is UX design in SEO? Here, we will unwind all these questions.

UX design: definition and objectives

UX design, or user experience, refers to the feelings of a user when using a website. The objective is, of course, to promote positive perceptions, a source of satisfaction and loyalty.

The notion of user experience has gained momentum due to customer volatility. Indeed, with the explosion of digital technologies, their attention time is now very limited (we speak today of 8 seconds of attention when a person arrives on a web page).

To retain them on a website, it is therefore important to offer a truly satisfactory browsing experience. Fluidity, aesthetics, responsiveness, the goal is also to quickly make them understand the offer highlighted on the site to capture their attention.

The impact of UX on natural referencing

Let's see how UX affect your SEO positively:

Improve site loading time: 

Consumers have become volatile and fickle. To retain them, it is, therefore, necessary to optimize the loading speed of the site. Indeed, if it is slow, they will quickly go to other sites.

Indeed, for Google, the objective is to offer the best possible experience to its users. Thus, the best-referenced sites are now those that combine quality content marketing and a truly polished UX design.

In this regard, the search engine gives an important place to the ergonomics of a site. Therefore, you should take the help of the best design studios in India to build a site that is easy to access and offer fast page load times and smooth mobile use, will benefit from better positioning.

Better Visibility

Ranked in the first results, the site, therefore, benefits from better visibility. But that's not all. Once on the site, visitors will be more likely to stay and return, being satisfied with their experience. The best design studios in India help you create a UX design that will increase the number and time of visits.

Optimize the Conversion rate

Without forgetting that the objective remains to optimize the conversion rate, UX design then makes it possible to retain visitors and encourage them to go further. Therefore, it is essential to assist the best ux agencies in Mumbai to improve your brand image and make it more credible.

Improved Mesh and Navigation: 

Users are happy when they can easily navigate your site and find the information they're looking for. This principle fits perfectly for SEO and, in particular, for internal networking. The best design studios in India help you create a good internal linkage that will ensure that the most sought-after pages are highlighted in the structure, those with the highest potential for traffic.

Improve Position of content: 

The content at the top of the page carries more weight for Google. Likewise, in the context of a blog post, for example, good practices in UX design recommend having a lead that stands out from the rest of the content. The title of a page should be the first element the user should see to quickly identify the topic of the page. To improve your Position on google search results, you can collaborate with the best ui ux agency in India to create content with great ergonomics.


The above positive effects of UX design on SEO make them a winning combo since they will improve the traffic and conversion. SUDHASOLUTIONS, the best design studios in India, can assist you in creating SEO optimized content. Specialized in natural referencing and UX design, their experts can help you improve your website to make it more visible and more effective with your target audience. So, do not hesitate to contact SUDHA SOLUTIONS- so that you can discuss your project.

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