What to Do If You Want to Get Ex Back

Posted by Myounus on August 15th, 2010

Breaking up with a boyfriend is really a painful experience. It hurts badly. But if you want to get him back again, and then it is still possible. There are several ways to get ex back. You must have some patience. Women are more emotional than the men, so you need to have control over your emotions. Here are some suggestions that you can use to get ex back.

  • First of all try to remember the reason for your break up. Obviously there was a reason when he fell in love. You should revert back to previous behavior. He was attracted to you because he was inspired and felt good. Both of you guys were happy and fulfilling the requirements of each other. But suddenly what happened that the entire scenario changed? You should look on your behavior and habits.
  • If you want to get ex back, then you must be very pleasant towards him. This will remove all the obstacles and you will have some meaning full discussions. You have to inspire him with your positive attitude. Always give preference to his choices. This may be helpful in this situation. You must make him aware, that mistakes were made by both of you guys and you are ready to forgive his mistakes. Show him that you also want to forget all the previous misunderstandings. Do apologize for your mistakes.
  • Trust is the foundation of any relationship. So ensure him you love him and you have trust in him. Allow him whatever he wants to do. Make him realize that you have no reservations if he goes out with his friends. But also make sure that he realizes too that you are enjoying the same amount of it with your friends. It is very important for you to make good terms with his family and friends.
  • If you are serious to get ex back, then never feel jealous. Jealousy is referred to as negative feelings of insecurity, anxiety and fear. This may be very harmful for many relations. So don't allow yourself to feel jealous. It may cause you to lose an important relationship. Try to learn from your mistakes. This will be helpful in future times. Look upon the previous mistakes and try to rectify them. Make sure that you don't have to make the same mistake again.
  • You can get your ex back easily if you focus your attention on all these activities. You have to feel stronger and also have full control on life. This positive attitude will lead you towards your desired result. If you are still in contact with your ex then he will realize that you have improved a lot. This will make you more attractive and most wanted. It is hard to lose someone very special you love. But it is possible to get him back if you want. If he is still in love with you then by following these instructions, you will surely get ex back.

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