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Posted by Grossman Pettersson on February 10th, 2021

In person, yes, someone you personally know who used the product, different story. So as long as you are happy polishing and waxing your car then good for you. Once again, offer your proof or admit you don't have any . Without COMPARISON DATA it is a useless test, see above. I don't need to, it's not part of the proof of my argument, but it was offered by you as such. Except that no other sealant has been tested this way so there's no comparison data, not even against the unprotected paint, so pointless. Bit wary to use a product without seeing independent comments, would prefer to go with Opticoat but was wondering if anyone had experience with Always Dry. I'm detail cleaning car near me asking because this is offered at Definitive Detailing in Sydney which has stellar reviews however I can't find much information about the product online. A Ceramic Coat will save you time and money in the long run. It has an active ingredient which repels dirt and grime which makes cleaning your car easier, and quicker, whilst still protecting your paint. Since 2017, we have been providing high quality vinyl wrap, paint protection film and services. in fact no one in australia really does ceramic coating. places like hi-octane etc do ceramic powdercoatings real ceamic coatings are white as seen on the likes of F1 cars etc and they have the price to suit that high end racing too. A Superior & Permanent ceramic coating to protect your vehicles paint with a hardness level of 9H. This is not Opti-Coat 2.0 which was previously publicly available and has now been discontinued. Relax at home or work, while we get to work on cleaning and detailing your vehicle, with our on-site service. “It's hard to apply.” -It is possible for you to apply the coating on DIY, but it's best to hire a trained and certified professional to do it for you to avoid low quality result. Brake-dust buildup is corrosive and unsightly and will eventually damage the finish on your alloys. Ceramic Pro Alloy Protection is based on an advanced Nano-Ceramic formula that not only protects but prevents buildup and makes wheels easier to clean. I frequent another forum and during my research a guy there told of his opticoat experience and swung it for me. Just after I had committed and dropped the car off this same guy started raving about the Gtechniq he'd has done. Of course, I had a bit of buyers remorse at that point even though the research had pointed me to Opticoat. So far as ease of washing the car is concerned, they are about equal. Dead easy to wash as if they where treated yesterday. But the Ceramic Pro surface feels quite different. The Opticoat Pro Plus surface almost has a sort of rubbery feel to it – sort of like comparing a tarred road to a concrete one. It gives minimum maintenance with long lasting effects. And unlike wax, you don’t have to reapply it every few months. Keep your car’s glossy “SHOWROOM APPEARANCE” & great looks without all the hassle when you get your car paint protection job done by us. Our pricing is usually 50% less compared to dealership pricing. I have always used paint protection on all my vehicles over the years. These guys & their wonderful team even managed to look after my bike. Please complete the form below and your local Jim’s detailer will contact you as soon as possible to book a suitable time. CQuartz active ingredients form a precise and uniform level layer, giving durable water and oil repellency and resisting most stains on the surface of the paint. Once applied, CQuartz forms a strong bond directly to the paint becoming one with the painted surface. CQuartz contains ceramic nano-particles found within glass alongside TiO2 nano-particles which create a highly reflective, transparent layer offering incredible durability. The best car detailers have the skills and flair to ensure a polished finish, as well as the expertise to choose the products, tools and application techniques that best suit your vehicle. We have the incredibly high standards of work when it comes to detailing, and endeavour to provide a prompt service that ensures the best value for your money. But i do like to give it a good bath at least once a month, its almost therapeutic getting out there on the weekend away from the wife and spending some time with the car. Most likely leaving spots all over it, the dirt might be off the paint but it will look all spotty. Secondly, these touchless washes tend to use chemicals that will adhere to the coating reducing it's effectiveness and building up over time. Especially if you unknowingly choose the waxing option. If you can be bothered doing it yourself buy a quality interior protection product and apply it yourself. The detailer that applied my Opticoat actually told me not to bother with interior protection. I asked about interior protection and he recommended the optimum one has anyone had this done? Its always hard to imagine what a car will look like in such a unique colour and is it often a leap of faith allowing us to go ahead with a wrap in a colour like this. Doing a black out job on all the trimwork and respraying the rims to finish the look off i'm sure you'll agree the c63 is a head turner now. Plenty of C63 Amg's have come through here over time but we have long wanted to do a black series. This is done with abrasive compounds and liquids to level the paint surface and leave a smooth finish. At Supreme Vinyl we dont have to fool the customers by saying 'we are the best' or we are 'the only'. Our Headlight Restoration service removes the oxidised layer of clear coat on your acrylic headlight cluster and seals the freshly polished surface with a ceramic coating for ongoing UV and heat rejection. Obviously my knowledge and standards about car detailing and car care are much higher than yours. Only what you are saying is ignoring the proven facts I have been implementing for a few years with a great success and you are ignoring to accept this. Not disagreeing with you, like I said there are many ways to safely wash the car. But I guess what you are saying goes completely against the grain of what many online stores which mind you have highly trained personnel offering advice and general pros out there offering the 2 bucket advice. I am not saying your wrong but I also think you should not dismiss it as a safer alternative to a single bucket solution. I know of many people that live in apartment complexes and fill 3 buckets and bring them to their car from their apartments into the basements.

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