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Posted by Mouridsen Rosales on February 10th, 2021

These include buffing, engine bay, wheel arches, glass polish, and paint sealant – plus specialty services such as ceramic coating of paintwork and interior protection. At Signaturewraps we specialise in vehicle vinyl wrapping and paint protection film while also offering ceramic coating for paint, vinyl, wheels, brake callipers , tinting and aftermarket parts installation. Whether you want a full car wrap or partial wrap, tint or any of the other services we can provide, you can trust Signaturewraps to make your car dreams a reality. Make sure your guests are riding in a safe and hygienic vehicle. Dirty seats and carpets are transformed into a plush and hygienic exterior with this worthy addition to any car detailing. A lightly cleansing, polishing and sealing soft machine polish treatment for your paintwork. Affordable but with brilliant results, detail cleaning car near me this car detailing extra gives your car the ultimate shine. Our Gtechniq Liquid Crystal spray sealant provides extreme protection against dirt and traffic film build-up by shielding your car with a highly water repellent layer of pure monomolecular silicium. All prices above include the Opti-Coat nationwide warranty. A Ceramic Coat will save you time and money in the long run. It has an active ingredient which repels dirt and grime which makes cleaning your car easier, and quicker, whilst still protecting your paint. Since 2017, we have been providing high quality vinyl wrap, paint protection film and services. in fact no one in australia really does ceramic coating. places like hi-octane etc do ceramic powdercoatings real ceamic coatings are white as seen on the likes of F1 cars etc and they have the price to suit that high end racing too. A Superior & Permanent ceramic coating to protect your vehicles paint with a hardness level of 9H. I originally got a quote from a guy who offered no warranty versus someone who does it with warranty . The one with no warranty basically said he would guarantee his workmanship, so if you are comfortable that he won't run away you should be ok with no warranty. The warranty card applies to each Opticoat box that is meant to be used entirely for the car. Happy OC owner here on both my cars and I have made a warranty claim. Right now, I'm leaning towards getting Ultima Car Care products and as I said above, since I am not expert in this field I can only try and learn, so this is going to be much cheaper learning excersise. I could have been as simple as a videoed experiment by Ceramic Pro and/or Opticoat showing 3 door panels where one is not treated, second on is treated with wax and last one withthis superior product. Subject this panels to simulated extreme condition over period of time and show us the results. To be clear, in all this, I don't believe I ever said that none of the products work. Have read good things about opticoat as used by one of the moderators on fordforums. So far as cosmetic appearance is concerned (i.e gloss, etc), the Ceramic Pro wins out. It is sort of the "you need sunnies" sort of gloss, even under the white lights at a servo at night. By comparison the Opticoat Pro Plus is much more natural looking, though still noticeably glossier than the stock paint. I thought I would put an update here as I am probably one of the few people here who has both Ceramic Pro and Opticoat Pro plus on two different concurrent daily drivers. Was in there a few weeks back, re stocking my car care shelves. Although i do all of my own exterior detailing (Clay, machine polish, wax & sealants, etc) , I am considering a engine bay clean, and these 2 would be on top of my list. Mr Detail in Oakleigh has a great reputation, as does Obsession detailing in Glen Waverley. I'm not, I use a sealant, but I'm not foolish enough to think it magically makes the paint scratch resistant. How do you know who they are and who employs them to spruik the product? If I was looking to sell cars damaged during shipping then I'd want to find out where your dealership is, and send all those cars there. Apparently customers don't care as long as they can fit kids in the back and it doesn't break down. The very low quality benchmarks that must be met are surely very pleasing. Because cars leave the factory wrapped in plastic, they often suffer minor damage in sea transit and/or at the docks and then sit in yards sometimes for months before making it to a show room floor. Hence why they're detailed at the destination prior to sale. Maybe car manufacturers are being generous and leaving something for the dealer to up sell later on. But i do like to give it a good bath at least once a month, its almost therapeutic getting out there on the weekend away from the wife and spending some time with the car. Most likely leaving spots all over it, the dirt might be off the paint but it will look all spotty. Secondly, these touchless washes tend to use chemicals that will adhere to the coating reducing it's effectiveness and building up over time. Especially if you unknowingly choose the waxing option. If you can be bothered doing it yourself buy a quality interior protection product and apply it yourself. The detailer that applied my Opticoat actually told me not to bother with interior protection. I asked about interior protection and he recommended the optimum one has anyone had this done? We also offer Caravan & Motorhome Protection & Marine Coatings. So if you are wanting a Professional Quality Service just fill in the form below and we will get your car COATED Today. Paint protection will make it quicker and easier to wash the car. Sorry if I sound a bit dumb but I know nothing of these paint protection products. At least I'm not dumb enough to fall for the car dealers paint protection. An innovative post-wash gloss enhancer and polymer-based surface protectant. This upgrade service will boost the gloss and reflectivity of your vehicle in addition to protecting it from damaging UV rays.

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