Criteria for selecting the ideal drug rehabilitation program

Posted by LouisWillis on February 11th, 2021

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Addiction can even be fatal at any given moment, so recovery from addiction must be effective to save the individual.

There are only three outcomes of addiction: complete physical and mental decline, imprisonment, or death.

Individuals tend to take the path to rehab with high hopes of soberness and also health and wellness again. But for some, this dream doesn't last long as they find themselves back in the shackles of obsession once again. While there are actually different variables for why a person can relapse, also after accomplishing an excellent amount of your time in the drug rehabs in California, eventually absolutely nothing defeats selecting the appropriate place initially. The treatment research study might certainly not be your most beloved one to perform, but also for those who are actually keeping an eye out for rehab evaluations,.

Not only does the person using the drug suffer from the addiction, although the family is struggling, hoping that there will never be a phone call informing them that the addicted person has had an accident or has overdosed, or may have been arrested. And besides, we have not even mentioned the conflicts arising from everyday coexistence, which often end in tragedies.

Many live in the belief that then this will resolve itself, the addicted person will be able to handle this on their own and return to the “good path”. To succeed in an addicted person, the first steps are to:

face the problem and become aware that THIS IS THE PROBLEM! Over time, YOU WILL JUST WRINK, it will not resolve itself!

we also need to make ourselves aware that in more than 90% of cases, an addicted person cannot quit on their own! (There are simple physical reasons for this, which we'll explain in more detail below. It's not that he doesn't want to, but that he can't quit.)

you should seek a consultation from a drug rehabilitation specialist where you can get full information, as neither the addict nor their family members are professionals in this field, and real data is needed to make a good decision. In many cases, the media is not suitable for obtaining this information.

In the U.S. alone, there are more than 10,000 different drug rehabilitation programs to choose from. It is important to choose an effective program that treats both physical addiction and mental addiction (mental compulsion to consume) and also addresses the reasons that led to the drug being tried and consumed. Any lack of it can lead to failure of the entire treatment.

DO NOT CHOOSE a program that only gives a VISUAL treatment!

Most drug rehabilitation programs treat the addict while offering the use of additional addictive agents as a solution; such agents include Methadon, Ativan, Xanax, Naltrexone, Tizanidine, or even stronger drugs. This is NOT an addiction treatment, a person who hopes deep in their heart to get rid of drugs permanently is trapped by getting used to OTHER but equally addictive drugs, not to mention the physical and mental side effects of these drugs.

About drug addiction:

When a person is unable to stop something despite having a lot of difficulty coming from continuing, we are said to have become addicted.

Physical dependence occurs when a person’s body becomes accustomed to functioning in the presence of a drug. If you suddenly stop using the drug, withdrawal symptoms will occur.

Due to the drugs, the body uses nutrients at a much higher rate, neutralizes vitamins and minerals, primarily neutralizes vitamins B1, B3 and C, and digests calcium and magnesium.

Such destruction of nutrients has harmful symptoms on the body, vitamin B deficiency causes depression, headaches, anxiety, hallucinations. Lack of vitamin C causes fatigue, exhaustion, and slows down the healing function of the body. Lack of magnesium causes nervousness. While a lack of calcium and magnesium can cause muscle cramps.

He may not be aware of these, as he is stunned. You will feel the negative effects when you are not under the influence of drugs. To treat this, he consumes even more drugs to get rid of these effects. This creates even more serious deficits. It's a vicious circle.

Such a person will soon need even more drugs, more and more often, and no longer to “get away” from him, but to get rid of the negative effects.

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This is the main reason why people remain drug addicts.

About the ideal program:

Without medication, a person is assisted in the process of stopping drugs.

Strong cravings for drugs are eliminated with a detox program that includes pleasant saunaing, light exercise, and the use of nutritional supplements (vitamins and minerals).

Communication skills and real-world perceptions are refreshed to eliminate a person’s foggy, confused thinking, to be able to re-utilize their intellectual abilities, and to be able to remain “present” instead of “wandering”.

It helps a person to deal with the factors of their previous life and thus becomes able to deal with them.

With the help of life management advice, the individual can restore healthy relationships with loved ones and friends.


Our goal:

We are there to save drug, alcohol, and drug addicts from becoming unviable, to prevent families from falling apart, while guaranteeing discretion.

We help the addict get rid of his or her shackles, compulsions, bad physical and mental conditions; and will be able to live life freely and joyfully according to his own sober will; and will be able to perform its duties.

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