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Posted by Affordable Evaluations on February 11th, 2021

People experience high levels of stress in their daily lives, due to work pressure and family. This often leads to people committing mistakes like taking alcohol or drugs. US government and various other agencies consider high and regular use of alcohol and consumption of drugs as violation to the terms and conditions of service.

Some industries take these violations casually, but some agencies like FMCSA which controls the trucking industry is US, PHMS agency that controls pipeline transportation, USCG that looks after US defense, search and rescue, FRA – federal road administration, FAA federal aviation agency, FTA- federal transport agency, take these violations very seriously and often take strict to very strict action against defaulting people.

Necessity of alcohol and drug assessment

As soon as agencies come to know about serious and continued violation of drugs or alcohol, you are either red flagged, suspended or retrenched from your job. If you need to go back to your old job, or seek a new job elsewhere, you are required to clear alcohol and drug evaluation test.

You can take this test after every six months from the time you are laid off, and cannot take up a job until and unless you pass the alcohol and drug assessment. You may be required to take the assessment as a result of a divorce case with your spouse where the attorney wants your assessment, or a case of child custody, where the court wants to assess whether you are responsible or not.

Big companies and corporations demand alcohol and drug evaluations of their employees at regular basis because they want responsible and trustworthy people working with them.

Getting drug and alcohol assessment:

It becomes very difficult for people who have been red flagged, laid off, or suspended from their duty for failure in drug and alcohol assessment. Most people are not aware of agencies that can help you undertake alcohol assessments, therefore look for alcohol assessment near me on the internet.

When you explore over the internet, you come across many agencies that offer alcohol and drug evaluation near me, but you cannot just get you evaluations from anywhere. Employers ask for responsible and reliable revaluations, therefore ask their employees to get themselves revalued at reliable revaluations and other agencies like them.

Why should you get your assessments from reliable evaluations?

Affordable Evaluations are one of the recognized drugs and alcohol evaluation agencies that have made a name for themselves in drug assessment business. They have been involved in developing latest technologies to assess use of drugs by people and provide reliable reports that can be used by their clients to get back to work at the earliest.

They have professional and trained consultants that are ready to help people in getting ready to take their assessments and get back to work. They are also very reasonably priced for all their services as they understand monetary issues with people who are left with no income because of their little faults.

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