Some Of The Physical Effects Of Bulimia Nervosa

Posted by Niel Herry on February 11th, 2021

11The eating disorders are mostly categorized into Anorexia disorders or the bulimia disorders.Here, we are going to explain about the bulimia disorders and try to understand it cause and the common treatments. Although we are one of the top anorexia nervosa treatment centers offering treatment for bulimia as well. If you are looking for the best information about Bulimia, this is the right place.

Bulimia Nervosa Explained

Bulimia Nervosa is a kind of eating disorder characterized by bingeing or purging.The individuals diagnosed with bulimia are found binging on food and eating thousands of calories in one episode.These binging habits come with the feeling of embarrassment and shame leading to vomiting or purging behavior.People have found to be over exercising, fasting or completely indulged into laxative abuse.This kind of a compensatory behavior is a tell-tale sign that this person is suffering from bulimia.This habit or condition should be noted well in time and should be treated as well.The persons suffering from bulimia are overweight and they maintain a heavy body weight.

The following are some warning and symptoms of the condition:

  • Frequently repeating the eating of large quantities of food.
  • You may also observe yellow painful teeth, receding gum lines or blood vessels in the eyes from vomiting.
  • Uncontrolled eating, especially in response to bad mood or negative feelings
  • The use of bathroom immediately after eating
  • Excessive focus on body size, weight and size
  • Skin sores
  • Mostly found in depressed mood, anxious and the behavior becomes out of control. 

There are extreme physical effects of bulimia as it is frequent. The cycle of excess bingeing and purging are going to have negative effects on the physical health of the person. Although the outward appearance will disguise the problems persisting inside. The more the illness persists in the body, the dental health will be at stake. It should be treated well in time so that the person recovers from the ill effects of the disease.

As stated earlier, the dental health is at stake and the dentists are the first persons to diagnose such a condition in a person.With repeated vomiting, the teeth are permanently damaged and will start to discolor or change in shape, size or even the length. The teeth become weak and brittle due to the acid present in the vomit. The ends of the teeth may chip and thus, the intervention of a dentist becomes compulsory.

You should know if this is happening with any of your friends or family members.We will treat this condition for you.Reach out to us and let us know, we will extend a hand of help and pool your loved one out of this ordeal .

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