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Posted by SharonEvans on January 3rd, 2015

Living in Cheshire, you don’t need to worry about taking care of your pets, for there is pet animal hotel where experienced and proficient staff are there to make the stay a learning and enjoyable experience for your pet. The cattery Cheshire offers a luxurious accommodation along with a host of feline activities to make your cat feel loved and attended to. On the other hand, they also have arrangements for the dogs and puppies with day crèche, day activities, accommodation and dog grooming Cheshire options. If you want you can keep your pet here for a few days or you can just take them for grooming session – it is completely up to you. 

Cattery Cheshire

Cheshire pet animal hotel makes your kitten feel at home and more than that with the kind of care and attention that is given to them. Make then stay in any of the luxurious indoor rooms or give them a feel of the beautiful environment by booking a place at the kitty cabin. They can also play around and have fun at the kitten’s playground. They are treated with facilities like luxury scratch poles, kitty gardens where they can play and interact with other cats and kittens, specially selected food along with whisker pouches. Cattery Cheshire is a perfect location for your kitten to spend a day or two in company of professional caregivers as well as other feline friends from the community.

Dog grooming Cheshire

You can contact the officials at pet animal hotel and let them take in your dog for a day of grooming where they will be cleansed, brushed, clipped, washed and styled. There are four different arrangements for small dogs, puppies and large dogs. You can even book a special facial treatment for them. Now, you may have this doubt in your mind that whether you are doing the right thing by letting these professionals take care of your beloved dog. The answer to that is a big Yes, of course. Not only are they fully trained as groomers but also have a professional degree in the field - Level 3 Advanced City & Guilds qualifications. In addition to that they also have a number of years of experience that backs up their expertise.

So, dog grooming Cheshire isn’t a work of amateurs, there are professionals at work here. Dogs are washed, clipped and styled, their nails are clipped and ears are plucked, teeth cleaned and nails painted. Puppies are given special bath and trim. In addition to this, they can also be treated with blueberry facials. Does your dog have some issue with their skin? Then give them a specialist skin treatment which is also a part of the grooming services at dog grooming Cheshire. All grooming activities are carried out using top grade products. They are given a special high pressure shower which comforts them. Then they are cleansed thoroughly. High power blaster is used to dry them completely, following which they are brushed and styled.

At a pet animal hotel you will find a cordial and amicable ambiance for your pet, excellent services, modern facilities and well-trained and capable staff who are adept at activities such as maintaining a cattery Cheshire or overlooking a dog grooming Cheshire.

Cattery Cheshire and dog grooming Cheshire are services available at a pet hotel in Cheshire.

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