Puppy training Cheshire: Teach you dog good habits

Posted by SharonEvans on January 3rd, 2015

Dogs are faithful and shower you with unconditional love and affection. They are intelligent animals and with proper training dogs can obey your instructions and learn to achieve different feats. You have to patiently teach them how to behave in public, socialize with others, exercise regularly and develop good habits. Dogs are more than mere pets. If you are a dog lover, you know that dog’s company has a therapeutic effect on you and fills your life with happiness and energy. They need to be treated well and pampered at times. Dog grooming thereby is popular these days throughout the world and there are more and more dog spas and training centres that hire professional dog trainers and groomers. The most loved member in your family will also be the best behaved and handsome dog through proper grooming and training. If you are in the Cheshire region in UK and you are looking for dog grooming Cheshire or puppy training Cheshire, choose professional trainers who will sensitively handle your puppy and teach them important life lessons.

Your dog can be trained at any age. But if they start learning when they are young they implement the lessons better. If you have a puppy and you do not have much experience with pets, you should hand it over to professional trainers for puppy training Cheshire or dog grooming Cheshire. Training often includes the following:

1.            Follow easy commands such as ‘sit’, ‘lie down’, yes and no etc.

2.            Walk the dog with and without leash;

3.            Proper hygiene including potty training;

4.            Socializing with others especially in a public place;

5.            Etiquette and manners and

6.            Learning to handle situations when dogs are left alone at home.

Find a training centre that also grooms pets so that along with puppy training Cheshire your dog can be regularly groomed and cared for. Dog grooming Cheshire includes the following services:

1.            Puppy and dogs bathed with premium quality shampoo;

2.            Trimming and styling of dog’s coat;

3.            Ear plucking;

4.            Nail clipping;

5.            Teeth cleaning;

6.            Skin treatments and

7.            Facial.

Dog spa is a great gift to your pooches that love all the attention and emerge looking and smelling amazing.

While selecting training centres or trainers for dog grooming Cheshire look for the following attributes:

•             Credentials and experience of the trainer;

•             Facilities available in the training institute;

•             Products used for grooming;

•             Kindness and love shown towards the dogs and

•             Price of each of the services or that of a package.

These attributes and characteristics will help you shortlist the names of trainers and groomers and finally select a puppy training Cheshire agency who you can entrust your dog with. This can be a difficult decision but once you collect adequate information regarding the training institutes you will know what to expect from them and whether their services meet your expectations. The ultimate goal here is to groom your pet and teach it good habits and if your dog is eager to return to the trainer you have won half the battle.

There are many dog spas in dog grooming Cheshire centres where your pet will be pampered and massaged. To inculcate good habits and teach etiquette to your pet, puppy training Cheshire from experienced trainers is important

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