What is the most common poem?

Posted by Mason Thomasen on February 11th, 2021

The poems of Rumi are probably famous for being the sole ancient function of art to have been maintained. However, they were also famous because of their Famous Short Poems. In fact, many believe that Rumi's Famous Short Poems really formed the cornerstone of all of English literature, since his writings, even those which are no longer in print, are still widely utilized nowadays. Rumi was born in Persia, a nation that was in ancient times ruled by the great King Ahmoseli. The king had several titles including High Persian King and High Persian Queen. His sway over European poetry also can be seen in his famous poem, The Book of Conversation. Rumi was born in Persia during the eighth century. While he was a student in Avignon, he had been captured and held captive for nine decades. He escaped to Italy and went to Paris where he found many schools and universities including the college of Santa Maria at Genoa. When he had been eighty-one, he retired to live in exile in Sicily. Although Rumi is famous for his famous short poems, he spent much time drawing distinct aspects of ancient Greek culture and mythology. Rumi is also famed for his astrological writings and charts. In fact, the famed short poem, The Two Cities, is often quoted as an instance of his work. He wrote a lot of these graphs in a lifetime time. In fact, he created twelve books of the famous short poems which are available now in print. For more details check out Famous short poetry.

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